Cody Pony is MISSING!!!

My little man is missing.  He’s been gone about 4 hours now and I am one sniffle away from bawling my eyes out!  We have been looking for hours, and it finally got too dark to keep chasing after him.  We lost him in some woods about 2 miles from the homestead.  I have NO idea how he got loose, there is no obvious fence break anywhere and the sheep are all safe.  The neighbors came down and we walked the fence 3 times and only found this one area that he MIGHT have gotten through, if he was spooked or something, but it’s so weird.

I was down at the neighbors, at the barn sale for a few hours.  My girls are in Chicago this weekend with their Dad.  I left Cody and the sheep in the middle yard where it’s nice and safe.  I left their house and went to town to get milk and butter and came back home.  This was about 5:30 or so…  saw all the sheep and just assumed Cody was grazing behind the garage or something, went in and got dinner going.  Ate, and thought I would go and put everyone away in their barns so I could watch a DVD and I’m walking around and I’m thinking, that’s weird… where is Cody?  I checked his barn, nothing.  I checked the poultry barn… nothing.  I started calling, nothing.  I went into the back pasture and checked the big barn and all over, nothing.

And then I got this sick knot in my gut.  I wondered immediately, was he stolen.  I had Domingo on Craigslist for a day, but I had a lot of people email and many knew our farm and some even thought it was Cody that we were rehoming.  Out here, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can just ask anyone cuz they will know all your business.  It’s amazing how much everyone knows what is going on.  I just paniced… what if someone came and stole him?

I called the sheriff right away. They are super super nice out here and since it’s hardly crime capital of the world, something like this is better than nothing.  Heck, they all own livestock as well, so they know how upsetting it is to loose someone!  They took the information and all and then I called my friends down the road.  Of course, being the super fantastic people they are, they came right down and we started searching.

Well, Jr. caught a glimpse of him way down the farm access lane to the east of us and the boys went off to help him.  Cody came over to him, but he didn’t have a halter on…  I had just taken it off him this morning because it was rubbing a sore spot behind his ears!!!!    (Good fitting pony halters are HARD to find!)  We drove back there and then I went out calling for him, as we all did.  He crossed over the mile away country road and was running, spooked.  He hit this little bit of woods and we lost him.

We drove all over, talking to neighbors, giving out my number, but finally it got too dark.

Once home, I called the sheriff back to let them know that we HAD seen him and he was not stolen, but loose.  They wanted me to talk to the next country to the north, which is Michigan, and patched me through.  They were super nice as well and gave me the numbers of the local radio station as well as the Hillsdale Livestock Auction, which is tomorrow!!!  In this economy, you never know, someone could turn a fast buck selling a nice pony like Cody.  The radio guy was amazingly nice and said he’d immediately get the word out and they would for 5 days or until he was found.  And I left the information with the auction folks.  I will call them again in the morning to make sure they got the message.

And I’ll be out bright and early in the morning to keep driving around and searching for him, I am so worried about him!  He is my big sweetie grumpy old man!!!!  I just can’t believe the string of luck we’ve had the last couple weeks with animal issues….  shesh….

Please think good thoughts for him?  My Cody boy needs to be home.  I am just so heartbroken…  first the sheep last year and now Cody!!!  Honest, this is just awful!  It’s going to be so hard to sleep….

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Cody Pony is MISSING!!! — 4 Comments

  1. Oh, Sherri. I’m so sorry. Praying he will be safe through the night and be reunited with you.

    hugs, stef

    • Thank you…. I just feel awful! I hope he’s okay tonight… he’s probably hanging out in someones yard… he doesn’t like to be outside at night.


  2. So sorry Sherri, I know it will be a long night for you. If it could make you feel any better, We have had horses get loose many times and I have never not had them come home or find them. We loose cattle all the time cause people do load them up but usually not horses. We had some lost in the woods behind our house for 5 days one year.
    The next day after we got home from Minnesota with my show horse, he ran fast and slid right through a gate that had been held shut with a bungie cord for 4 years with no problem….and away he went down my lane and right down the yellow line of the highway. I was in the yard bare footed and I took out at a dead run after him. One car came by and a girl tried to help me. He ran about a mile from my house and I had to tell a complete stranger how to get into my garage to get me a halter for him. I was scared crapless and it was only about 105* that day. I thought for sure my dream horse was a gonner in just 24 hrs. Crap happens I tell ya. Farm life is never dull or boring.
    He will settle down, someone will see him and you will go and get him. Does anyone out that way have horses or maybe a mare in heat. He will more than likely go to them naturally. I didn’t want to say it, but I been thinking all along that when he gets a whiff of a missy in heat, he is gonna try those fences. We have owned a standing stallion here for over 12 years now and they can be a handful if he doesn’t have a few mares to over see. Sorta like Buckaroo and his chicks. Stallions are the same way. We have had other peoples mares escape and come to the stallion also so it is a two way street. You have done a wonderful job loving Cody and he is use to love and attention from you and that is going to be a great help catching him in a strange place without a halter on. We never keep halters on our horses unless we are doing something with them. We have had many many accidents with them hanging up on fences and getting hurt. If they get caught up, they seem to fight it until they are really hurt. Horses are stupid like that. We lost a mare one year who had a back leg caught in it and she fought it until she died…..(i guess from trying to scratch). He will be so glad to see you tomorrow. I will say a special prayer…(I already have) for everyone. Blessings and I do hope you get some sleep.
    Cody will be fine and Cody will come home.

    • Thank you! That means a lot to me. I’m just worried sick, he hates to be outside in the night. I hope he’s just hanging out in someone’s yard, or in their open barn or something.

      I guess I should have made it clearer… our creative pallet/box etc fencing is all interior fencing, not perimeter fencing. So if it were to fail, it would just let the animals into another pasture or space. Like maybe my garden.. (ugh!) All around the outside of the animal areas is four foot field fence with heavy duty posts and trees… Him being only 37 inches at the shoulder, I don’t think he can jump it. He can jump the little ditch, but he’s not that atlethic, I don’t think. Jr. found this one little area, where the bottom of the fence had pushed a bit out over a ditch… he wonders if he wasn’t grazing some of the spring tender sprouts on the other side and pushed it out… I don’t know. It just scares me, but it’s a quandry, because all the sheep where there and fine. But they are skittish and won’t come to the gate for example. Cody will. Unfortunately, we do have some teenagers about that can get a little unruley at times, and we are on a main road and have a lot of people passing by, etc… I just wonder if someone accidently let him out, and then ditched when they couldn’t catch him???? There are days I wish I had security tv video or something!

      I know that livestock will try anything to get loose… like you said, a mare in heat? Another horse? Part of the reason I got Domingo was because the time Cody saw a horse that lives way down the road, he was frantic to get to visit. The last time anything got loose like this was my first sheep, and that was because the goats busted down a section of fence that wasn’t double protected. Fencing is my hugest issue here, I am always working on fencing, checking it, making more, doing everything I can to make sure everything is safe. I absolutely adore our critters and I never want anything to happen to them, but it’s hard to be aware and conscious of every moment with them. It’s not like a dog or something that you can lock in a crate when you need to do something. I think daily on how to manage the livestock better, easier and safer. My sheep alley in the back is to help make it easier to guide the sheep into the barn at night. It’s not meant to be confinement fencing at all… just a little guide to help ease them where I want them to be.

      Maybe someday we will win the lottery and get super duper perfect wonderful fencing all over the place!!!! That would be some serious peace of mind…

      Someday I feel just like Oliver in Green Acres…. it’s always something!

      I just want to say how thankful I am for my wonderful wonderful wonderful neighbors…. they are always ready to lend a hand… they are so wonderful!

      okay… I need to just go to bed. I’m exhausted. mentally, physically and emotionally….