How to build a platform bed…



Maggie wanted to be a bit more off the floor, upstairs in her dormer apartment.

So she designed and built her own nice solid platform bed.  Only cost about $17 dollars in materials, and an hour or so in time.

Of course, she had the required dog supervisors for all of her work and invited me to take pictures of the process, in her nice guest chair.

Her room is still in process, and hopefully she will be able to get some nice paneling up on that black vapor barrier eventually, but being a laid back teen, she kinda likes the black and orange look.

I guess all things in order of priority.   I’m just proud of her and how she doesn’t worry over fancy things, just looks at what she’d like and how can she do it with a decent outcome and not a lot of cash spent.  Once she got it all made up with her pillows and comforter and all, it looks pretty nice.

Of course, Ratchet and Evee approve and have been spending a lot of time up there visiting and checking out the new bunk!




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