The True Cost of Stuff…

Wow.   This is such a slap in the face sort of article, that I’m still kind of sitting and thinking about it.  And in light of the whole Christmas stuff drive we Americans are indulging in at the moment…  wow.

Now I feel a little bad.  Well, I am done Christmas shopping for my girls and just have a few more friends and relatives, and I’m pretty sure I overdid it a little bit…  but my gifts are usually pretty practical and things that we are interested in and want to persue…  both girls got things for their “businesses”  Or at least farm businesses as well as some just fun stuff.  But yeah, stuff is a real problem sometimes… it’s very easy to get caught up and need more and more stuff.

Well, something interesting to read and ponder on this cold winter evening… Click and go read..  Interesting blog for sure.  Perhaps a little, well, minimal.  (cheers!)

The True Cost of Stuff

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The True Cost of Stuff… — 1 Comment

  1. I like that article. It’s something I’ve been saying for years. I treat every item as a potential intruder in my kingdom. If it serves no purpose it’s just one more thing to burden other people with when I’m eventually gone. Also with lots of stuff comes lots of responsibility (I kind of stole that from Spiderman’s uncle) and more responsibility of course takes more time. It’s very simple, simplifying your life is a major stress reliever. I think of happiness as being something that wants to get to me but can’t if there is clutter. The late George Carlin had a joke about “stuff” that started me thinking about the uselessness of most of my “stuff” way back in the 80s. Thanks for the inspiration. This site is such a great way to charge my batteries for the day.