Holy Cow….

I’m sorry… but that egg had ta’ hurt coming out.  It’s HUGE!!!!   It’s the largest egg we have ever seen from our girls.  The smaller one is a LARGE hen’s egg….   that one on the right was laid by our free range girls, whom have been hardly laying at all.  All I can figure is that one of the gals was saving up or something.   We put it in the incubator!!!  Haha… we’ll see what comes of it.

I was SO amazed today… the last couple weeks we have been getting only a few eggs a day from all 25+ hens we have.  They are molting and it’s been cold, all that stuff.  Well, we’ve had a couple days in the 60’s and our young pullets in the lil’ coop are finally laying eggs as well.  And I went out tonight and got 20 eggs!!!  I couldn’t hardly believe it!  And to top it off?  9 of them came from the lil ‘ coop gang!   That means the pullets (6) and the older hens that we recently added are laying!

Hope it keeps up…  we actually had to buy a dozen eggs from our neighbors!   We had that few eggs…  and no sales for awhile, that is for sure.



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