Happy Thanksgiving Y’All!

Here’s wishing that you and yours have a wonderful, happy and safe Turkey Day!  Count your blessings and give everyone a hug for us all!

Turkey Girl is happy that she is way way underweight for this holiday!  Haha…  besides, she’s way too cool to be on the table.  She’s our first turkey to make it a whole month here on the homestead…  she’s special!  She’s getting big though, no doubt, but she’s just too much of a pet right now, being that she’s the only one we have!  She’s very happy to celebrate the day with all her little chicken friends out in the lil’ coop!

We’re going to Rob and Jess’s new house, Jr and Julia’s kids and grandkids will be there.  It was so nice to be asked and we can’t wait because Julia and Jess are AWESOME cooks and we are going to be so spoiled!   We’re bringing our cream cheese bacon rollups and these really awesome Oreo cookie truffle balls… and pop!  Going to be finishing those up tomorrow morning.  Going to be a nice and fun holiday…

I hope that each and every one of you have a lovely day tomorrow…  and we thank you all for coming along with us on our crazy ride this year!!!  I can’t believe we’re looking at the new year in just weeks… it was January 5th that we first saw this place and now it’s all ours!  Almost a year in the making!!!  And oh boy… we’ve got lots of plans for year 2!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  

Sherri, Jessy, Maggie and the Windhaven zoo!!!!  

(Evee, Ratchet, Luna, Dixie, Topaz, Tasha, Duke, Duchess, Prince and Baron, Jack, Edward, Cornelius, Grizelda, Gwenievre and Ozzy, Highway, Cody, Ivy, Iris, Angus, Fergus and Molly, Bucka Roo, Caroline, Susan, Mildred, Katherine, Nancy Ann, Patty Ann, Marjory, Marilyn, Dammartin, Amanda, Bionca, Goldie, Stubby, Turkey Girl, Martha and Mabel, Elizabeth, Irene, Diamond, Tourmaline, Copper, Silver and Emerald, Fiona, Cruella, Floppy Chicken, the Cuckoo 5 and the Amerucana 4….  And Uno and his gang in the brooder!!!  (Which is 7 chickens and 8 banty chicks!) Shesh….  I think that is everyone!!!)





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Happy Thanksgiving Y’All! — 1 Comment

  1. H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G to you and your sweet girls!!!

    I found you sit..a little after last year when you was looking at your homestead. Been hooked every since. Not only on your everyday chores..I have NO IDEA where you get you energy..But also on your writing style..the happiness in your voice..writing..and how..like myself..you find goodness in every situation. I use to think I had nothing but bad luck raising my 2 girls..alone and constanting being broke..not because I didn’t have a job…always did..but I wanted to spoil my girls when it wasn’t in the budget. And..so..I lost a house in foreclosure..which..turned out to be the best thing..since it was the HOUSE that was sapping me dry on funds.
    I watch how every thing that you make is carefully measures, painted and repaired.
    Your music, your art, you sharing your life with us..the beautiful photography..the explanation of every animal you get..as far as what they are called, the background. And watching you make friends on the way…I know what its like to move to a town and not kno anyone. I KNOW your bringing nothing but happiness to that little town..excitement of as the people drive past..they can watch what your doing to create a home..see your livestock..Sheri..you have NO idea..with what you life is doing as far a full filling our lives with joy from watching you with you everyday creations!

    I LOVE ALL THOSE ANIMALS!!! …my favorite is..the pony..and Jack..love Jack..

    So..enjoy today..now I’m off to create a dinner for myself and my daughter. She works today..so ours in Friday.

    Linda H.
    PS..one last note..we too..are Craigslist people..but..we have had 3 bad situations..and 1 good situation..becareful..with who you trust..my daughter got a stalker out of it ..do not let ANYONE know anything about you or your girls..or mistake is having this person deliver a table..a married man..and he to this day drives past her house..calling her several times..another person..was a fake address..yes..they are out there..becareful.