Maggie’s New Business

Maggie’s got a brand new enterprise she’s working on… it involves her new used scroll saw.

She’s getting pretty good with a drill and wood working… this weekend she built us a lovely little nest box for the little chicken coop out of an old shipping box and some parts from around the farm. And she built most of the cider press, too. And fixed the picket fence. She’s a handy gal around the homestead!

But one thing that she really likes to do is paint… and she does a good job at it. She has a fun sort of primitive style that is really endearing. I love it. Of course, I’m her mom, but hey, still, I can be pretty picky at times… haha….

Here she is at her work center, working away on her first big project… an egg sign for Miss Julia! Well, to be perfectly correct, it’s more of a chicken sign for Miss Julia… to adorn her already exsisting egg sign in her yard. Maggie and I have been cooking up an idea for her to raise a little money with. She is doing okay with her eggs sales, but well, our girls can only lay so many a week and they are molting right now so our eggs are down pretty far… and we have about a dozen pullets coming up in the ranks, but none are laying yet! Soon…. sooon….. but I digress.

Maggie is going to start making cool cutouts for signs and for yard decoration and just for fun too…. some primitive wood decorations and little shelves and such… and she’s getting her chops down by making some signs for us and our friends and such… learning the art and figuring out how to use the new saw and all.

She is very careful with her saw and is good and focused at her craft. We got her a couple boards to work with and a few flat birch panels as well. The lumber yard guy gave me a whole box of nice cut offs and scraps for her to play around with! I told her I want a sunflower from a piece or two as a finder’s reward! She’s got it on her list.

But we adore her first project! A beautiful, two sided chicken with a dangling egg to entice motorists to stop and buy some eggs! She finished it today! One side is a lovely barred rock chicken and the other side….

Is a cute little Rhode Island Red hen!!! Miss Julia loved her new chicken sign! Maggie was going to add sparkles to the spinning, dangling egg but she was concerned about traffic accidents and decided against it. (haha) Maggie signs will feature a bit of whimsy in her designs… a trademark of her new design style.

She is working a free kitten sign, which we and the folks down the road will be using very soon! I can’t wait to see how that turns out! The cutout is done and it’s darn cute… can’t wait to see it all painted up!

We took it over this afternoon and Jr. had it installed in no time! Maggie’s first sign installation!!!! How cool is that? One for her portfolio of work, I say.

Miss Julia is certain that she will be selling the dickens outta her girls’ eggs as soon as folks lay their eyes on that big red hen! She’s been doing pretty well just with her sign, but as she says, they take a good look at that huge chicken with her dangling egg of enticement and she’s going to need more hens, too!

So if you need a huge pig or maybe a pony sign, maybe something to do with your homestead business, Maggie can help you out with a great sign at an awesome price! She is still learning her art so her works are very reasonable now. (gg) Of course, when she becomes famous, it might be harder to get a spot in her long waiting list!!! You can act now and say that you got one of her early and highly collectable works now!

(Her mom is such a salesgal and promoter of her daughters!!! hahaha…. silly me, I just love them so much!)

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Maggie’s New Business — 7 Comments

    • Well, they see first hand that it can work… I’d rather have them working their own business and earning their own cash for stuff then just sitting around and asking for money or whatever. I love that they can see the cause and effect of effort!


  1. Tell Maggie I can see a bright future for her with her new business. The chicken looks great.

    • Thanks everyone! You make her smile with the nice comments!!!! Just wait till you see her kitten sign she’s painting! It’s fabulous!!!!