Pictures at Julia and Jr’s Homestead…

Jessy took her camera with her when we went over to the neighbors for a little Sunday afternoon visit.

They moved in a year ahead of us and I like to think that maybe in a year, our place will be as nice! They have done so much to their place… Jr. is always thinking of new things and projects to work on! I swear, he never sleeps! He even came down with Carl (their son in law) and they fixed Cody pony’s barn door so sweet!!!! It works so nice now and will keep my little pony boy warm this winter!

Of course, Jessy finds all sorts of lovely things to photograph… their pets and the new baby kitties that are just getting out and around… the barn, the piggies, all cool things!

Our little piggy is growing up big and fast! I can’t believe how much bigger they all are already! Still got 5 or 6 months to go, but they are doing great! They loved the apple mash that we brought over for them! They were getting yummy radish greens and some hard corn too! They are still cute for sure, but they are getting bigger and more hog like all the time! They just ADORE eating… We’re just about to buy our second bag of feed, probably this week I guess, sometime.

Well enjoy the little photo shoot of our friend’s lovely home and grounds! Thanks Jessy!

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