I SOOO want one of these…

Okay, tell me the truth. Who wouldn’t want some 12 foot metal rooster in their yard? I know I think it would be super awecious, let me tell you.

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I SOOO want one of these… — 5 Comments

  1. Sheri !! I am laughing so hard!! WE seen one of those Roosters on the way to the beach last year!! Tall Rooster! I yelled, I want that Chicken!!! Me & my friends had a good laugh.. You know.. Someone bought it. It was gone this year!! lol

  2. Just seeing the pic made me smile. :) I’m thinking your yard would be a perfect home for it indeed! Great stuff Sherri.

  3. I do too!
    they have one on the way to Dallas, I always say”…there’s my chicken!” LOL!!
    I hope you get one.