Bunny Condo update…

All week long we’ve been building this lovely bunny hutch condo. It’s coming along nicely… we’re sort of designing it as we go. It’s going to be 8 feet long by 2 feet wide and 6 feet tall. It will have two big cages (2″ x 8″) that can be subdivided to 4 cages, 2 x 4… Right now, we’ll leave them big and open.

Of course, being a design as you go ordeal, we keep needing more stuff. Right now, we have all the wire mesh we need but our door design for the front needs more wood. Since we had a busy day today with some other stuff and the girls will be gone tomorrow to the Maker’s Faire up in Detroit, I think it will be perhaps a Sunday thing, or may even have to wait until Monday. Just happens that way.

I’d love to have it done so we can move the bunnies from our parlor, into their new home out on the screen porch. I don’t mind terribly, them being inside, but 4 bunnies is a virtual composting machine and we’re having to empty the tarp like every day, sometimes twice a day! it will be nice when they are outside and it’s a little easier.

I guess in the whole scheme of things, I would rather it take a whole week longer and turn out really nice, then to rush it and have it be haphazard and all that. It will be nice when we are finished, for sure. And it’s fun to build stuff with Maggie. She’s getting really good at making stuff.

I would kind of like to have the screen porch back, though. But then again, it’s been so durn hot and humid out, no one really wants to sit out there anyway. Soon… soooooon….

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Bunny Condo update… — 1 Comment

  1. Your bunnies will be in Bunny heaven in the condo! I totally get what you mean about being too hot and humid to enjoy the space. This spring we added steps to the closed off end of our back deck so we have easier access to the shaded area, and put strings of patio lights and the table and chairs out there… and we’ve not used it all summer. Since I work evenings, I’m never able to go out there after dark. The nights have been really oppressively hot too though.