Not Dead Yet…

Feeling a little under the weather, caught a little flu bug and it’s laid me out for a good two days! Finally, feeling better but of course, I’m all off track and up at midnight and sleeping all day! Thank goodness, the girls don’t seem to be afflicted… yet, and I hope not because it’s Jessy’s 21st birthday tomorrow! And I have a Brown Bag concert series gig at the downtown library in Toledo tomorrow… oh goodness! I think I will be fine. Fever left today around noon and I finally began to feel a little better as the afternoon dragged on.

I missed my chicken peeps terribly! Maggie was their sole keeper for most of Sunday, Monday and today. I just could not drag myself out there! I did finally this afternoon, just walked out with my juice cup and some treats for them and found a hay bale and sat and just visited with them. I love doing that, there is something so calming and restful about a summer day in a sweet smelling barn with fresh hay and a flock of hens picking and cooing about you. It renewed my spirit to just be there in the quiet, watching them all interact and all. I do believe they missed me. At least my treats… they all flocked around me and watched me, nibbling their stale potato chips and bread heels and a bit of coleslaw that was getting old. Little Nancy Ann always likes to nibble at my toes if I wear sandals out to the barn. It’s so funny, she is the only one. Bucka was very talkative me, as if to give me a real scoulding… “where have you BEEN?” I love that roo. He is so cool.

Well, after I had sat a spell, I went over to the turkey house to visit with the poults. Maggie had fixed their door on Sunday, there was just a little too big of a gap between the door and the floor and we didn’t want to take any risks. She did a great job, found a nice old board and screwed it down there. It actually looked like it was meant to be. That was very cool. She’s getting the hang of this farm crafting very quickly. I only have to ask and she figures something out and it’s usually just perfect. I love that my girls are so confident with power tools and projects. It’s delightful.

So I parked it on a hay bale in the the turkey coop, our choice for cheap seating at the farm… and sat a while in the sweet hay and sunshine to watch the little fellas. I am thinking that one might be a tom, he’s growing bigger than the other one. They are still a little skittish around us, and thus, me wanting to spend a little time with them. It’s such a nice big space… 12 foot by 10 foot, so there’s plenty of room for me and the two little guys. I hope that I can get another couple at the auction this weekend. I think they need some more siblings. I think I need some more, to try and make amends for loosing their siblings.

I love how they settle down after a few moments of silence. I didn’t try to catch them or bother them in any way. Just gave them a few nibbles of bread and sat back to let them relax and learn about me. After a bit, they started to practice their flying… going over to the sunny ledge by their window and waiting for a nice tail breeze and then flutter flutter flutter until they got a little air and flew across a foot or two of hay to then crash and pick themselves back up. They are getting better.

The little one came very close to me, watching me very closely with a weary eye. She took a bit of bread from near me, but would not take it from my hand. I don’t blame her, she’s just not sure. I hope she’ll get more comfortable as time goes on.

Funny thing, at one point I realized that Bucka was at the coop door, making his “come here hen” noises to me! haha… he was not pleased with me being in the coop and him not able to come and partake of my bread offerings. Pretty soon, his chick posse was there as well, all looking in at the turkey zoo and it’s new resident! I can not tell you how much these birds lighten my day with their antics. They are so very personable, so much more than I would have ever imagined of just chickens.

I left the coop to go and fill up the main barn water font and instead of normally walking back to the house and using the pump, I used the closer, but scary well house tap. It’s scary because there are way toooo many spiders and there is a mama starling with a nest in there and she does not like us being in the little dark, dank house. But what was funny was that the whole flock had run up to the house to the pump to wait for me! They love to play in the water when I pump them some! I filled up their waterer and called them and it was so funny to see them do a double take and then come running across the yard back to the well house!!! They are so silly. They love to get in the well house and eat spiders! Which, I do not mind at all… we have way toooo many in there.

Well, after that I was pretty bushed and came back to the house for another nap. Got to feel better, tomorrow will be a busy day! Got a concert at noon to play and then will spend the afternoon and evening with the girls and some friends, going out to eat and celebrating Jessy’s 21 years on this earth! I can’t hardly believe it… 21 years old… and me so youthful! Hahaha… ahem… well… night to all… pictures tomorrow!!!

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Not Dead Yet… — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Sherri. What a gift you have for sharing what your eyes and heart see. Have you ever read anything by James Herriot? I visit other forums where people crab and grouse about burdens much lighter than yours. No matter what’s going on, they shine a negative light on it. Coming here is like visiting with a special friend who appreciates everything she has. I pray the Lord will bless you and the work of yours and your daughters’ hands.
    Hope you feel well enough to enjoy Jessy’s birthday and your concert.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better. I’m enjoying so much reading about your new home. You have such a positive attitude that it helps me to be more positive, too.