Just thinking…

We’re moving into a new chapter of our lives, and our homesteading adventure.

I am wondering if, when I cease being a Mobile Home Woman, and begin to be a Farm Home Woman, should I change my blog? Should I explain to new readers? Do I start another one concurrently? Hmmm…. I must admit, it’s been puzzling me for months now.

I’ve followed lots of blog writers as they make life changes, and it hasn’t bothered me to see their “title” change, as long as I could find them.

I just think that new folk might be very confused to come to a blog about urban homesteading on a moby lot and find us with a big old farm house and 3 acres… kind of a different thing.

I was thinking that I’d like a site eventually for Windhaven and all the cottage industries we will be doing, for the local crowd and all. But that’s probably a while off.

I guess that I need to do is just ask you all. What do you think? Should I just alter my header graphic a bit, and maybe change my sidebar to explain what is going on? Should I start a whole new site and redirect folk? Maybe not. More expense. Am I destine to always be the Mobile Home Woman in heart, since that old Moby is why we are able to do the next step in our dream? I do love Mobies and I think they are a worthy part of the housing solution for families that aren’t, well, the Rockfellers Kin and Kith…. haha…

Hmmm…. so many wonders and puzzlements!!!


:-) Sherri

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the banjo player for Deepwater Bluegrass, and the editor of BuckeyeBluegrass.com as well as the main graphic designer of the Westvon Publishing empire. She is a renaissance woman of many talents and has two lovely daughters and a rehab mobile home homestead to raise.


Just thinking… — 15 Comments

  1. I think you should alter the present site with a little explanation of your evolution. It’s tons of fun to share your journey with you and your girls; thanks for sharing and best wishes!

  2. I think you should just change your header and title on this blog and maybe put something about the moby in your tag line (urban homesteading(or our journey) from mobile home to three acres – something like that). You could also just explain it all in your about me or put a little explanation on your sidebar at the top. I think your journey from Moby to Windhaven should all be kept in one spot so people can easily follow it.

  3. Well, I’m gonna follow you no matter what your name is 😉 Maybe something along the lines of “moby to farm” would be good.

  4. Hmmmm…….I don’t know. I think it is a very interesting fact that you have moved from a tiny moby and boxed gardens to a real farmstead. So many folks are dreaming of doing just that so I don’t think you should loose the history of moby living. Its all going to be such a tranition and interesting and fun reading to follow along with and learn from. Heck I even think it would make a fantastic reality show. One that for once would be actually worth watching.
    Everything is looking great.

    • Hahahaha! A reality show? Aw shucks… I nap too much for that to be very exciting… haha…. no really, well, I suppose. with the homesteading and the critters and the bluegrass and the working at home and all that stuff, I suppose we do have an unusual life for sure.

      I do agree though, I know for YEARS I have dreamed of this transistion and I am very very sure that being a moby mom for 3 years really put my head into the game and made it possible for this transition for sure. And I do still love mobies!! I think they are an over looked means for people who need good housing to be able to afford to live nicely, instead of being squeezed to death with high rent in bad places. Someone needs to stand up for Mobies!!!!

      hee hee hee…


  5. I agree with the others. I think when someone does find your site, they go back to the very beginning and want to read the whole story. I think it’s going to be great to show how everything started and your progress to date. It’s a wonderful adventure!

  6. I agree with the other comments as well – you don’t want to lose the Moby story as it’s a big part of your transition but a change in the header to reflect the new homestead is also a good idea. :)

  7. Hi! I found your site a while back, and think it’s just great. I’m a single parent too and I love seeing “success”/life stories about us.

    I notice you have a couple of your own businesses, and work for yourself. (sorry to start this discussion here, but I could not for the life of me find any “contact” info on the site!) Anyway, I also work on the side — my “day job” is with a school district as a paraeducator during the school year, but I transcribe on the side and would like to expand that, and perhaps start other ventures.

    The big problem is……. healthcare. What do you do about healthcare? Our state healthcare system has basically shut down for any new people to come on board — no more new members. And Blue Cross, et al., are just WAY too expensive.

    How do you handle this???

    Thanks so much for any insight. Keep doing what you’re doing… and writing about it!


  8. I’m with the others in that, whatever you choose, make it easy for us to keep and find. It would feel like losing a friend otherwise.

    Also, you might not be into a reality show (I think they’re tacky and invasive), but, your life story would make a remarkable book. It really would. Plus, you definitely have a wonderful and warm writing style.

    Might not be the time for it just yet, but maybe down the line.

    Anyway…you, Maggie and Jessie have a great day. Love reading about your continued achievements!

  9. I enjoy reading about how you and your girls( and hard work) have turned a dream into reality. It is inspiring to me to follow your progress with Windhaven Farm ( you have done so much in just a few months!) Even if you change the name of your blog, your positive Moby spirit will continue to shine through. One suggestion, could you still have your Moby archives available? There are many great ideas there and its fun to reread about your Moby transformation. Enjoy this special time in your lives!