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Can’t sleep… waiting for all this bad weather we’re supposed to get and hasn’t come about.

Want to be at the farm. Just because. Want to hear it rain there, see the flash of lightening on our own land lighting up the acreage. Want to see where the water puddles and what happens with the wind whips the trees and slaps the house, trying to get in. Just want to be there.

Been thinking about the Moby and how we love her, but it’s time to move on. I think she was the last step in our life puzzle… the place that we really FINALLY got it about home and hearth and the contentment of life. She was the final exam for Windhaven. If we hadn’t have settled back here in Ohio, in this 30+ year old mobile home and learned that we COULD make a wonderful life of contentment, work, friends and learn the arts and crafts that would give us the knowledge and confidence to take on the farm, then we wouldn’t have been ready.

When I watch my wonderful daughters take on the farm without any hesitation at the HUGE amount of work to be done, eagerly working on the vision that they see so clearly as I do with the place, it just makes me feel like a kid again, excited for each day’s new progress, however small, towards the goal that is our little homestead.

When I talk with friends and they get a whiff of the dream as well and they brighten up and smile and want to help no matter what, I know that this little hobby farm is a delight to be shared with all. It’s not just OUR farm… it belongs to so many! When I see 200 and 250 and 300 people a day checking in to this silly little blog, I know that you are all excited to see the progress and to enjoy the ride. I know what it is like to sit back and revel in other people’s life journey… I have so many blogs that I read and give me inspiration to do what we are doing, finally! Instead of just wishing and dreaming about these things, we’re FINALLY doing it!

And it feels so wonderful!

I always admired those people that would say, “dash it all” and take huge leaps of faith, and do unusual or non-comforming things and follow their hearts and sell all their stuff and run off to a foriegn country or started some off the wall little business or just changed their whole lives one day, to follow their dreams.

And now, I am one of those people and it is so exciting… and I can’t hardly sleep and I just want it to be the morning so that I can get started on my day of normal routine, so that I can get back to that little three acres and live… breathe, create with my kids, and enjoy something we have wanted for so long…

I can’t wait to get some chickens.

hee hee hee….. really…. I can’t.

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the banjo player for Deepwater Bluegrass, and the editor of BuckeyeBluegrass.com as well as the main graphic designer of the Westvon Publishing empire. She is a renaissance woman of many talents and has two lovely daughters and a rehab mobile home homestead to raise.


Just a few cool ideas… — 5 Comments

  1. I love the top picture & the 4th one – both are very tempting projects. And the log stacker is great, a very decorative version of something I really need here.

    If you want to try making something like the glass tower in the 2nd picture, try the Octoberfarm blog, she makes garden totems & did a tutorial on how to make them once – http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/search/label/garden%20totems (link is to everything tagged garden totem on the blog, hopefully the tutorial is amongst those tagged).

  2. All the pictures are great but I especially love the last one with the wattle fence surrounding the flower bed. What a great way to make a statement with branches that would otherwise be tossed away.

  3. I have the top pic in my inspiration files. Always wanted to do something similar in my garden. I did have a wattle fence up around a bed a few years ago and let me tell you they look really pretty but they don’t last at all.

    I love your attitude about the Moby. It did allow you all a chance to learn things you would need for this part of your life.

    I am excited to see your daily progress and love reading the updates!

  4. That’s a good bit of reasoning about the MOBY– I know that place holds great sentiment for you.
    I love that wood shed, wattle fence, and that galvanized goodness of a shed (?) is that a chicken coop or what? I love it… All great ideas. I’m gonna try to make me an old sweater tote, that looks so simple.
    I sounds like you’re teaching your young ladies to be quite the women of sufficiency. Truly Keepers of the home. I know they make you proud. But someone should give you a pat on the back for doing such a fine job–not just in training but by example!
    So here is what MY Momma used to say to me : ‘ATTA-GIRL!’
    for a job well done.

    love the inspiration photos.