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I have a couple of very heartfelt thank yous this weekend… What a wonderful delight to get home from a hard day of work and find a Amazon box waiting for us and this absolutely wonderful book, the Encyclopedia of Homesteading, waiting for us! Thank you SO MUCH Laura J., we really do appreciate it! A very delightful book! HUGE! I have to say we all tousled over it for two days, wanting to look at the thing with so much information packed in it! It’s huge! And so varied in it’s topics. I’m sure it’s going to be a very well referenced book in our library.

And of course, a HUGE thank you to my buddy Curtis… he worked SO hard to get that durn furnace running… but he got the water on and that was wonderful! And helped take out two truck loads of some of our bulkier furniture pieces! That was so helpful, and really makes the farm look a little more lived in.

But I must say, a super HUGE and very unexpected thank you to my Dad… he sent the girls and I a very lovely letter of encouragement and the funds to do a great deal of our fencing at the farm! He’s worried like we all are about keeping our little kitties and the dogs safe from the road and from getting lost in the country, all the while helping to make a safe haven for them to play and run off leash. You just don’t know how much worry that will take off our minds! Thanks Dad! (And Grandpa!)

You know, it’s so wonderful how everyone is really onboard with this little farm project and is encouraging and excited about how it’s going. My Facebook friends are always interested in new pictures and reports and of course, everyone here at the blog, just love the comments and emails… it really means a lot to us! I’m so thankful for all the wonderful people that we’ve met and encountered on this crazy ride and for all our friends and family as well that have been encouraging and helpful! We hope we’ll do you all proud! Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

Sherri, Jessy, Maggie and the livestock gang!!!

We’re staying home tomorrow because of the rain and storms predicted, and plan to go out on Tuesday and Wednesday for sure! Going to spend the day packing up some things and of course, keeping up on orders and client business. We miss the place, but it’s probably best… can’t do a whole lot in the house at the moment because of the cold, and can’t work the yard well in the rain! Boo hooooo!!!! But I hear by the week’s end we should be pushing the 60’s! Yeah! We can start painting soon!!!!! Yippeeeee!

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Thank you… — 2 Comments

  1. You and your daughters are very welcome for the Homesteading encyclopedia. I have followed your blog for over two years and greatly admired your efforts and attitude. I have finally had a much needed storage shed erected and raised garden beds built. I have gardened in containers at my Moby for several years and been wanting a more permanent set up. You’ve been a great part of the inspiration to finally do so. I’m 63 and have to make some adjustments for that with my efforts and long held dreams. My husband, although chronically ill and under hospice services is doing well right now and excited about our garden. Such things can extend one’s life. Good luck and I’ll keep lurking to see how Windhaven flourishes under your stewardship. God bless

  2. I’ve been a reader of your blog now ..for almost a month. I first read of your purchasing the farm on Jan Hudson’s website, I’m a friend of hers. I’m interested and amazed at what you have I pretty close to your situation. Only different..but close.

    I am the mother of 2 grown girls..but I’ve been single most of my life..and have had to do many things to survive. My girls never went without..but..we never had it “good” either. I was a draftsperson for several “detailer” for local engineers in the Toledo area..and was married twice. I was often “farmed” into a company..and so getting layoff was common..I never knew what a solid payday was like. I’ve tried different “careers” ..ended up just as a secretary or even working in factories to make ends meet.

    Living in a small town girls would come home..always saying “why can’t I? everyone ELSE does”…I couldn’t even afford for my girls to join band..the one tried out for cheerleader in Jr High..and made it..but I didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be to afford the cheerleading outfits..and so she had to quit before she could even do it. I this day remember the looks in her eyes. Yes..there IS child support..but if you have an ex..that refuses to pay it..and quits jobs on purpose..or you go to court because they haven’t paid..they just get a smack on the hand..and that’s that. Maybe now things are different..but

    One marriage..I did get me a old Victorian..1897..and she was rough..but I turned her into a beauty..until 25 yrs later..with only 5 yrs left on a mortgage..I lost her to foreclose. My memories in that house..babies born..raised..our sadness and happiness..were all that. It was very difficult.

    Trying to budget on food and clothes..was always an issue..I didn’t want my girls to do without. It hurt me so when they did.

    But..thru all “artistic” talents always got me thru..knowing to have a picnic on the floor..with nice dinnerware and candles and blanket..was great..and me knowing how to sew was an unbelievable talent that saved me thru the years.
    Being a draftsperson all those years..taught me how to built, how to hunt for to create. I can make a can of beans beautiful !!!!!! GOD given talent..we all have them..mine was creating beauty with my hands.

    The last 7 yrs..after my foreclosure..I live in a small apartment in town. No porch..just an apartment. Last year..I was “blessed” yes BLESSED to inherit enough money to purchase my now house..and the money came from an ex husband, that past away..can you believe?

    I purchase a 1900 Bungalow in Fremont Ohio..just down the street from the Hayes Museum..and turned it into my dream house. Bared handed…even turned my beatup 1940 brick garage into a “lady cave”…lol. Shes a beauty..and I have been blessed..thank you GOD..and thank you my Paul..

    You TOO have these talents..and honestly…I have stolen some ideas from you. I LOVE looking at your you turned your little Moby into a beautiful home..full of

    I so enjoy your blog..and enjoy seeing the progress you are making ..and sharing with your girls..I see myself in your daily activities..and it is a pleasure. You have no idea how much this little piece of your life is giving to others.

    Just wanted to thank you.
    Linda H. ~ Fremont, O.