Winter Storm Approaches…

We’re due for a big storm starting tomorrow night and through onto Wednesday. Not really worried, though hopeful that we can get our water back on before. That would be a bit of a drag to have to be using our stored water up. I’m sure we would use it all up, since we’ve only got about 15 gallons stashed.

Been just thinking through our pantry to make sure we are not lacking in anything… and I think we’re pretty good. I’ll probably bake a couple loaves of bread tomorrow though, since we’re out of slicing bread. Got a couple batches of rolls in the freezer. I might go and get us a little fruit, fill up the gas tank on ol’ Blue and maybe get some lunch meat, just to make simple sandwiches instead of cooking big deal dinners for a day or so. When a good storm hits, we like to go to soup and ramen noodles with grilled cheese or bologna sandwiches and spend the time reading and napping and cuddling up to watch movies till the worse passes. Its a nice time to just chill out and not make it hard on all the government services as they work on getting it cleared up. We’re all caught up with orders and most of my client work is done, and with this yucky sicky cold I have, it will be nice to just veg for a bit and get well.

The Farmer’s Almanac says we’re in for another 2 months of winter really, that it won’t really start to really warm up until first of April. Guess it’s time to finish up that afghan I’m crocheting!!! If I feel better tomorrow, I think I might start on that while I watch mindless Netflix movies for a couple days!

Hope everyone is safe and sound!!!!

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Winter Storm Approaches… — 2 Comments

  1. Thinking about you and the girls . Keep warm and i hope you get to feeling better. Sending warmth from Alabama !!