Working With Kitties


When you work at home and you have kitties, then you get to work at home with kitties.   And one kitty always seems to to be the boss and in our little moby that boss is Luna.

Luna is our head checker-outer, manager, get-in-the-way when you are busy, sort of work kitty. It really doesn’t matter if you want her around, she will be where the action is.


Here she is inspecting Jessy’s work…   we try to make sure that your rocks and minerals are kitty hair free… we really try hard.   (g)


This is Dixie.   We call her Dixie Chicky a lot.   And also Harry because she is a little neurotic and likes to lick little patches of hair off…   perhaps that is too much information, but that is Dixie…   she’s a little weird.  But we love her and she loves Jessy…


Maybe a little too much, though.

She definately is Jessy’s kitty friend….  Part of her neurosis is that Jessy started college and is not around as much to pet her and play with her and sleep with her and feed her and be Dixie’s EVERYTHING…  She’s even having to adjust to cuddling up with me now and then and well, that just means you have to be a little neurotic when you have to seek out others instead of having your own personal human around.


Luna is busy on watch for wayward squirrels that might try and attack the moby business.  You never know.   Besides, she’s not very good with the tape gun and all that tough human work stuff that you need thumbs for.


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