Problem Solved


I started to learn how to hook rugs. And I really like it.

And so I bought a couple stash starters of the wool strips to give me a nice range of colors to play with. Bought a nice piece of monk’s cloth and want to start a few pattern ideas that I have.

Problem is, it was all just a jumbled mess of strips. I was keeping them in an old paper bag and it was just not appealing to design with. What to do!

I was starting to think about a plastic box, or maybe envelopes or something and they just didn’t appeal to me. I am trying to stay away from plastic as the solve-all to any organizational project. But popping them all in glass jars, not very efficient or usable. I knew that I wanted them all laid out so that I could pick and choose from the strips and also, that I would know if I had enough for an area in the design or not.

And then it came to me! How about something like a knitting needle holder, or a paint brush holder! Yah! So I dug in my fabric pile and had a nice half yard of pretty swirly purple cotton and a matching half yard of some old curtains gone bad and I got busy.


And hour later… poof! Problem solved…

Actually, the case was done in about an hour, and then later on in the evening, I sat down to a netflix movie online about a hippy commune (very interesting, but too much nakedness running around for me to want that sort of lifestyle… I don’t do naked good! hahaha) and I sorted all the strips and put them in color groups and such.


How lovely! Now I suppose that once you really get into rug hooking, this is not a very large stash of strips! But it’s definately enough for me to get started and I just love how they are all laid out and ready for the picking. And when I’m done, I just roll it up and tie it shut with the little fabric ties. I think it’s just adorable. Makes me want to start designing and hooking something tonight!!!


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