Bluegrass in Super Class… 2010


We were invited to come to the Bluegrass in SuperClass event here in town at the Perrysburg Holiday Inn-French Quarters to show off the Glass City Opry to the folks in attendance. It was really a nice thing and we really appreciated Larry Efaw and his whole family and their efforts in bringing some serious national bluegrass music to town once a year.

Jeff and I manned the table all day and evening Friday and Saturday and it was fun to hang out with him and our volunteers Rob and Tim over that time, just visiting with folks, talking about the Opry, handing out tickets and newsletters and flyers.

Got to see some great acts inbetween “working” like Dailey and Vincent, The Larkins, Remington Ryde, Audie Blaklock and Redline, Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road and many others. Dailey and Vincent were definately the crowning glory of the show, everyone was waiting for them and they didn’t disappoint. Holy cow… their harmonies are just amazing!

This is an old Statler Brothers song…. Lovin’ You…. wow. My little camera doesn’t do them justice.

One of the highlights of the day was some of the jamming going on. I actually got to pick banjo with some of my favorite band members… the guys from Blue Storm and another band, New Outlook. Everyone was so nice and it was such a hoot. I don’t get to pick with these higher level bands, so when I can and hold my own, it’s pretty much a big boost of confidence in my own playing and singing! Jerry, our sound guy, he recorded one of the jam songs I sang and he promised to send it along! I was so nervous, I messed up the kickoff, but got ‘er back on track pretty quick.

I did get a video of my band guys Tim and Rob picking with the jam… and you can hear, it was kicking!!!

Great stuff~~~~ OH MY! My head is still swimming in the music. Just love this stuff. I’m a bluegrass fool!

Well, its good to be home and done and all that jazz. And the best thing? We’re playing there next year!!!! Such an amazing honor.. we were selected from the local bands to play at the 2011 Winterfest. We’ve got a year to get ourselves totally ready to lay it down. And we’ll be playing alongside some of the best of bluegrass…. Rhonda Vincent and the Rage…. Goldwing Express, The Lewis Family, The Larkins, Wildwood Valley Boys, and of course… DEEPWATER BLUEGRASS!!! We’re one of the first local bands to be picked in years!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???

Well, today will be a day of putting stuff away and getting back on track with life and all it’s normal routines. But you can bet yer bottom dollar…. I’ll be humming and singing some great grass all day long. It’s soaked into me into the cellular level at this point!!!

Here’s a little bit more of Dailey and Vincent’s set…. boy oh boy….. I love these acapella harmonies in bluegrass… so pretty.

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  1. Haven’t listened to the videos yet but will when I get my work done. Sooo glad to have you back (lol), but so glad you are loving what you’re doing P~