Do as I want, not as I do….


Yes, I’ve been busy… and I got to thinking as I was getting ready to go to bed after a very very very busy 4 or 5 days, I better check my blogs I read.

And I did and I get upset when they don’t post every day. I want them to. I want to hear what is going on at Cold Antler Farm and on the Bluegrass Blog and of course Sugar Mountain Fair and the Pioneer Woman.

And then I go and not blog for a week and my readers start to EMAIL me and say, hey, are you alive, we miss you, post something!!!

Clearly a case of Do as I want, not as I do!

Well, just to set the record straight, no, I did not fly off to Vegas to marry a red-headed Eskimo harmonica and washboard player who does Elvis imitations. And I was not involved in any play-for-payola banjo picking schemes for the reality star directors for MTV. Nor was I elected Queen of the Gypsies and recruited to create new literature for their annual costume ball in Botswanna.

Nope. Just had to get ready for the BIG 20th ANNUAL BLUEGRASS IN SUPERCLASS WINTERFEST right here in Perrysburg Ohio!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!

Yep, been working my rear off making flyers and post cards and working newsletters and getting our act together so that the Glass City Opry would have a presence there to hand out flyers and all that jazz. Meet and greet, shake and howdy, hand out $$$ off coupons and listen to some serious top act bluegrass. Dailey and Vincent are gonna be there tomorrow and Audie Blaylock and Gold Wing Express and just a host of other bands… fun stuff.

I’ll post some pictures and such tomorrow, nothing big deal picture wize, but a few shots to explain my disappearance!!

On Sunday I’ll be done and I’m driving up to Canton, Michigan to get a big wall unit shelf thingy from Ikea (Expedit series if you’re wondering… walnut wood tone) I’ve been wanting one of these dang things for now three years and I finally can go and get one. Stage 2 of my evil living room remodel plans is swinging into action next week…. can’t wait!

But I promise… no more bluegrass till the 28th and we’ll be opening for the Bartley Brothers at the Glass CIty Opry… We ah, know the people that run it… they like to let us play there now and then!

Take care and don’t worry… I’ll be posting on Sunday!!!


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Do as I want, not as I do…. — 2 Comments

  1. My asumotions where none of the above. It was the strange mail carrying men that I was worrying about. I thought you ran off and married one of them. That, or you finally wear crowned Moby Home Queen and were out having your subjects promise loyalty to you and to up hold the moby home law. and that your livestock are really musketeers in disguise.

  2. I must say, I am pretty disappointed that you did not fly off to Vegas and marry a red-headed Eskimo harmonica and washboard player who does Elvis imitations. Because that would have meant some pretty interesting blog posts for the next year or so. Oh well. :)