Spring is Coming.. I hope!


I’d like to say, yep, spring is here, but I’m still not totally convinced.. and of course, the weatherman says snow likely tomorrow… but there are signs everywhere… and the crocus and tulips are trying to get started…. sooon…. soooooooon….

We had a nice day so we got out to start cleaning up the side yard a bit…  we had kinda of left the big flowerpots to whither and die… and there were a lot of leaves and such so we got started.


Cold weather came a little too fast in the fall and I didn’t get all the leaves up but it wasn’t too bad…  good thing that the girls don’t mind helping out and it was great to have a nice sunny day to start getting on the yard!  yeah!!!


I think this year I’m going to put some tall towers into these plants and encourage morning glories up them.  That would be cool.  I think I need something taller on the side of the door… it would be really cool.


Look at these little tulips trying to come up!  We planted over 400 different types of spring bulbs all over the yard and I hope that most of them can get a chance to come up this spring!  I did see a couple get dug up by a few of our little squirrel buddies, but we are seeing all sorts of little bits sticking up all over!  YEAH!



Our Happy Hammie statue on the corner of the Moby is looking very fun with all his pretty stones that he’s collected… He is a special statue from our time when we had a hamster rescue about 6 years ago.


Gypsy is in charge of picking up all the sticks in the yard.   (HAHAHA)

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