Deepwater Road Trip


Driving is not the best thing for a bluegrass band to hit the road because too much gas eats into the very little money we seem to get for gigs.  However, I like going on the occasional road trip because it’s a fun bonding time and it’s always a good time.  We all get to visit and talk and just be friends and that’s fun.


I find it hard to believe that we can pack up to 5 instruments (including a full sized doghouse bass) and 5 people into Jeff’s Chevy Tahoe.   We should contact them for like sponsorship of the band!   He is the unofficial official driver of the Deepwater band…   no one else either has a car big enough or dependable enough to get us there.  I’d love to think the Lumi was ready to step up to the plate, but I’m not sure yet and beside, no one wants to take a chance not with my track record!  HAHA


We were bound for Cardington, Ohio to an American Legion Hall that has a great bluegrass show once a month.  We met up with some old friends…  Brad and Gary from the Faces Made for Radio band out of the Ashland area.  Great guys, we enjoyed listening to them warm up back in the picking room.   We were the featured band that evening, but they are more or less the house band and will always play when we got to take a break and all.

roadtrip3Isn’t this weird?   My camera occasionally takes the weirdest pictures.   I was bummed because I don’t always get a chance to get shots of the guys just hanging out and of course, the only one, is messed up!  Oh well… one of these days I’m going to get a new camera… I’m working towards it.  My little Sony point and shoot is okay, but it’s just not a REAL camera!



They were definately picking up a storm…  great sound, great band.


I found that Rob and I share a weakness for strawberry pie and this was super duper good…   we snuck out and got us a piece before the show….


Here’s what the stage and all looked like….  D & D did the best sound around for us!  We were so pleased.  It was a lot of fun to play here and we were asked back and that was nice.   It’s cool to have a 2010 booking already on the books!

I wish we had shot a couple pictures of us on stage!  But we didn’t travel with any of our groupies, so we were on our own.  I should have asked someone to snap a few shots, but I forgot!  We did shoot a video of it all, but we can’t put it on YouTube at the moment because Don can’t been seen online so close to his teaching retirement times.  So we don’t mind.   Maybe someday soon!   He’s only got one more year!


Yes, that is a ground hog sighting there at the hall.  Apparently this happens frequently….   I must admit it was a first for us to see a dancing ground hog.

All in all, a fun trip and evening of bluegrass.   We’re looking forward to next year!!!  Thanks to everyone that made us feel at home!


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