Dreaming of Spring…

spring dreaming

Yes, aren’t we all?

I have my courtyard garden all planned out.  I think this is going to be a great year for my garden.  I have all the beds except one finished and pretty close to ready for planting!  A couple need to have a little more dirt added because they settled but that is just an afternoon and a pickup truck load of free compost from the recycling center!

I really feel good about my plans this year.  I’m not going to need too much money or assistance, because the courtyard is so nice and ready.  I do have a few other little tuck away places that I want to do some fun plantings…  like sunflowers and zucchinis in the old chicken run!  It’s still fenced in and that has got to be some RICH RICH soil…  just ready to grow a bunch of lovely zuks for all the critters!  It’s a giving back program!   (We don’t like them that much but they are so prolific that a pack of seeds will grow treats for everyone for weeks!)

Hoping to plant more perennial fruits this year…  more strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and some fruit trees.  I hope my three little apples made it through the winter!

Are you planning out your spring garden, too?

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