Winter Storm Mateo…

Storm Mateo

We were ready for this big storm.  Everyone was predicting like anywhere from 10 to 100 inches of snow!  No milk, bread or toliet paper to be found!  Oh no!!!!

Well, maybe not 100 inches, but you know, it was going the be the BIG one, the one that really defined the winter.  Well, in the end, it wasn’t bad, but we only got about 6 – 8 inches of snow.  And it was pretty much gone within a few days.  This has been one SUPER mild winter for us again, thank goodness!


Jessy got out and took a little photo tour around the homestead and she’d like to share it with you.  Crazy, we got a little warm patch there for awhile and everyone thought winter was over!!!  But nope…  looks like we have another week or two at least before the temperatures start staying up in the 50’s and looking a lot more like spring.  We have a bunch of lambs due the first of April, so we are looking forward to that for sure!  Enjoy this little visit to our homestead!!!


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