Just some Friday Pictures…


Just some pictures from a little stroll…    Buttercup has a new boyfriend.  She’s dating across species because she’s just really hip like that.  She doesn’t mind that Huldor is a ram and she’s a goat.  She just likes that he sings her little love songs and tries to nudge her all the time to turn around.  Nay, she just likes him for his brain.  And I think to make Sam jealous.  dsc_0951 dsc_0929

We are down to four hogs at the moment.  We sold our last two girl piglets for the year last week.  It was a good thing…  if we kept them, we would have to separate the family group to keep their father from playing the hokey pokey with them way too early.  It’s a good thing.  We retained one boy piglet from the first litter for our spring freezer camp attendee.  He is a big piglet already!  He will be huge in the spring.   We are pretty sure that both of our sows are expecting…  most likely Ebony will be first, due in the next 6 weeks or so.  Cheyenne will be following in the very early winter, perhaps January.  Winter litters are tricky but they work out just fine.  Our sows are very good moms!


Jpeg and PDF are doing great!  Growing like little weeds.  They are just a hoot to watch.  They play and hang out with the others, just an easy addition to our little critter pack. They love Buttercup and she seems pretty fond of them as well.


Hay feeders are working, though the goat need something on the back side to keep them from pushing all the hay through the fence.  We will put up some netting on the back, that should help things very much!

dsc_0947 dsc_0914

This is a cute picture…  it three generations of sheep ewes!  Iris, on the top right, her daughter Emma on the top left and granddaughter, Galadriel in the middle.  If Galadriel’s daughter Emerald had been in the picture it would have been 4 generations!!!  dsc_0918

Bonnie and her two lambs, WIllow and Laurel.  They are so pretty…


This is Ruby and Sapphire!  Two of the three lamb girls from this year.  They are starting to get a little more friendly!   They are Finn Shetland crosses.


Ponies eating apples…


We are trying to round up chickens and are having some success.  We have about half of them.  We have to figure out how some of the smarter ones are getting out!   We thought we had it all fixed up.  But about 4 or 5 hens keep getting out.  Little boogers.  We want them in the coop and run so that we can start getting eggs and keep them a little more comfortable in the winter!


The old garden is looking mighty fine now that the sheep are taking care of it.  I think next spring, I might plant some in the two rows of boxes left, but that will be that.  Perhaps put up a little bit of fence around them and then let the sheep and goats keep the rest under control.  It’s a little bittersweet.  I am excited about my new smaller courtyard space, but at the same time, I had big goals for this area.  Maybe someday!  Until then, the sheep will keep it nice for me.


The last zinnia of the season…


Justin and Tim chopped down all the super tall bullthistles in the back corner of the old garden.  Those things are just the worse of our weed problems.  I hope we can keep them down next year with intensive grazing back here.  We can only try!!!


I harvested a few more nice potatoes from my boxes.  I think this was the only good crop this year along with flowers and some radish.  Just one of those things.  Still, it is cool to be able to dig around and find food!  Yah!

Just a few pictures from my little walk about…

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