Thursday Product… Week 4


This week’s projects included expanding the hog pen and fixing the pony pasture fence and making a new gate and just other fun things!  Miss Ebony is happy to have a little more room but then again, her favorite place is in their custom built hog wallow!  :-)




Four beautiful cattle panels were added to the pony pasture fence line.  We would love to refence the WHOLE place…  anywhere that there is not panels, we want panels.  But at $20 a pop…  16 feet…  you can only do so many at a time.  Still, we are taking care of the really bad areas first and this stretch here was awful.  The sheep and goats had bust it down and made it almost useless!  But 4 panels made almost the whole side of the this pasture PERFECT!!!!  So nice.  And it will last forever!!!


More posts were added to the Goatopia fenceline, just to make it a little more stable.  Having a bunch of tubby goats standing on the panels, made them bow out a little bit.  But no more!  Yah!



dsc_0644 dsc_0645

Maggie started working on our new courtyard gate!  The old one was really in bad shape.  This one will eventually have some pickets on it and a fun purple paint job!  Duke kitty likes it so far!


Yahoo!  The hogs are sure happy to have all this new space opened up!  We went in and cut back the long pokey bits from that dead tree, don’t worry!  They cleaned out all the weeds in record time…


Just a fun picture of Sam’s pretty curls and his amber eye.  We will be trimming the goats pretty soon!  Probably this week sometime.

dsc_0653 dsc_0657

Happy pigs!  For sure…  eating down all the yummy weeds.  And grass.  It won’t last long.



It’s a long story and one that makes me a little upset, but through a bit of miscommunication, the gas company that laid our new line last fall thought we didn’t mind if the line went up and over a sidewalk.  So for a year, we have been protecting this dumb line, trying to figure out how to make it right.  The guys thought it would be easy enough to break the little sidewalk and then take out a chunk, bury the line and replace it.

Of course, easier said than done.  They started at it with a sledge, nothing.  It’s so old that it was just pulverizing the concrete.  Ugh.  So we bought a cement bit for our big drill and made some drilled holes in a line, to make a sort of crack…  that really didn’t work either.



Finally, with a LOT of hard work and a couple steel rods, they finally got a little cracking action and a nice big chunk came out!  And then some more and some more…

dsc_0638 dsc_0640 dsc_0641

Then we could lay that line down and we will be covering it with some dirt and gravel after it is tested to make sure it’s not leaking.  Which is the reason that we had the line replaced in the first place!!!   The madness.  Some days…  I tell you.


Maverick, the rooster, was our OSHA farm supervisor today.  He is such a pretty boy.  And very tame.  He came to us from a lovely family in town that grew him from a chick and could not keep their crowing youngster.  He’s one of our favorites…  So pretty.

dsc_0626 dsc_0628 dsc_0610

More branches were cut down and of course, the goaties enjoyed that snack.  If goats had wings, all trees would be bare.  I’m quite certain.

dsc_0611 dsc_0613

Pappa Onyx and his son Pudge, enjoying the wallow.  It’s just about perfect!  haha…


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