Tonight’s Harvest…


We’re up to 12 pounds off the garden. I picked all these beauties…. I love how this photo turned out. And with my little cheapo digital too! Wow.

I gave away a few to my lovely elderly neighbor.. Miss Bea was so tickled. A nice big Brandywine all big and perfect and red and she was just so excited. She strolls over now and then for a garden tour. She is excited about the sunflowers on her side of the Moby…. she lives on the ugly side of our home… which we are trying to make into the lovely side!


Jessy harvested her broccoli tonight. Only 4 plants, so it was just one meal, but my gosh was it good. And it’s definitely on our list as a MUST plant for 2010. I wish we would have planted more of it. Now we harvested just the top crown and I have heard that often it will sprout anew, so we left the plants in the bed. We’ll see… maybe we’ll have one more dinner from them.

Don’t they turn the most beautiful green after a quick dunk in the hot water? We cooked them just for a few minutes in the hot pot and then took them out and drained them…. added a little garlic salt and fresh butter and laid a slice of thick Velveta cheese on them and popped it in the oven for about 5 minutes to finish up. Simple and absolutely wonderful.

We went this afternoon to the Perrysburg Farmer’s Market and it was nice… a stroll down the main street and a chance to look at all the good homegrown and local stuff. We got peaches and a big cantelope, a head of cabbage, some Michigan yellow onions, a bag of cukes, 6 head of sweet corn (which was hardly in the house for a few minutes before it was in the hot pot cooking for dinner… yum!) and a dozen farm eggs. Good stuff. Totally going to miss the Farmer Markets during the cold months… I believe we’re going to really stock up soon…. before it turns too cold. I’m still contemplating a small freezer. I’m really doing well with keeping my frig freezer full of just good stuff, not fluff. Really have a good month’s worth of meat. Been stocking up on anything that the butcher has for sale each week and it’s really working out good.

I think I might be ready for my freezer. I’m just not sure where to put it though… that is another consideration. Well, if it’s meant to be, it will be. Right? I keep watching Craig’s list for a small chest one… I’ve seen some that are like half a deep chest one… that might be perfect for us. And I might be able to tuck it in the back of my dining room or something. Not sure yet. Still thinking.

But don’t these beautiful onions make you want to eat this stuff ONLY… no more onions from Mexico or wherever. I want them from my own dirt…. my own neighbors….


They were 3 for $1.

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  1. Beautiful pics! I have been peeking in every so often – been enjoying the posts and the bluegrass music. Came over from hotbellymomma. I’ll be back.