Garage Sale – Cheap Impulse Buys

I think I’ve finally figured things out.

Instead of going to the store and then just browsing and impulse buying when you’re on a tight budget… go to a garage sale or church rummage sale and do it there! WAY cheaper and you tend to get stuff that you kinda need and didn’t know you need.

Like a distressed chicken and rooster decoupage letter holder.


I mean, honestly… where can you find such a cool thing in a store for only 50 cents? Sweeeet. And I really needed this, you know.


Well I got five hardcover new novels, that added up would have been like 60-70 dollars worth of books (Honest… 18-20 dollars EACH was on the cover!!! Crazy!) and I got them for 50 cents each. And a bag of wooden Easter eggs…. 50 cents. Not sure what I will do with them, but I think they were cool and might look cute in a little dish or something at Easter time. And this little handpainted American flag on wood that will look darn cute on my shed. It was a quarter.

Kids got a few little bits and pieces… and we found a cool pan to bake little weird loaves of bread in…


Maggie bought a old holiday music box and a weird little Christmas ornament and a collectable beer can. I wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind, until she disappeared in her room and later comes out with her creation. She took out the music element and then made a hole in the bottom of the beer can and put the guts inside. And then she hot glued the little bear on a sled to the top. Oh yeah, the beer can was a mountain scene.. I think it was an old Busch can. It’s ah, very goofy in a sort of redneck way. She loves it. Oh my.

Well…. I think it’s probably a good thing if you need to get some of those urges to impulse buy and browse and you’re on a budget… a good church rummage sale will yeild many MUST have things and you’ll only spend $11.

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