Baaaad Hoofies…





Well, I tell you.  With livestock, it’s just hard to keep anything nice.  They are so good at trying to figure out how to wreck stuff.  I guess it’s partially because they have nothing better to do than to egg each other on.   I always imagine them sitting in the shade, with fat bellies, chewing their cud and all the sudden one says to the other…  Betcha can’t bust down that fence…   and the challenge is on.

Honestly.   this is why we can’t have nice things.

Our fence fix lasted just about 10 days.   And then the little buggers had to mess with it and pull it all out of whack.  I guess in hindsight we needed a little more wire on the thing.   But partially, I think they slid the wire down and just got it so they could wiggle through.

And wiggle through, they all did.   We woke up the whole flock in the middle yard, grazing it down for us.

Not a huge thing, but still, we were trying to let the middle grow a bit so they could eat it later on, when it was nice and long.  We haven’t had much rain and the grass is a little on the sparse side!   I suspect that we’re going to have to start sprinkling the grass in the late August weeks if we want to keep a nice middle space.




Buttercup inspects the damage.    She claims she had nothing to do with this.   I believe her because she doesn’t want to upset her snack situation she has worked out in exchange for milking.  She is a very good girl lately.



I’m suspecting these two characters.   They love to be in the middle yard.  It’s very likely that they were at least involved with the challenging…   the sheep are not ones to push the boundaries we lay down.  It’s the goats, every single time.  Of course, once there is a breach in the system, the sheep are glad to share of the baaaad behavior.   Daisy is the ringleader when it comes to escaping and busting stuff.   She is a real pistol that way.




Well, we broke down and got a real hog panel for the span.   They are a little pricey…  $25 for 16 feet but the good thing is that they look nice and clean, and they are very hard for the critters to bust up or get under or just escape from.

I would love if we had about 20 of these babies just drop in from the sky!  haha….  not likely to happen, but a gal can hope, right?  So far, so good…   seems to be working.  We’ll have to see how it goes.

Life is never boring around the ranch!


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  1. Hey mobymom, you’re not a very good blogger. First of all, you don’t even respond to any questions or comments. Blogs are supposed to be an exchange between people but in your case, it’s just a one-way conversation with you talking to yourself. Secondly, you don’t know the difference between “then” and “than”, which is very annoying.

    • Becky, if you nothing nice to say, say nothing at all and remove yourself from this blog. We did not invite you or this drama.

    • Hey Becky if you don’t like the blog don’t read it! Something tells me you have nothing better to do but complain about someone you don’t know. I feel sorry for you as you must be a miserable person!!

  2. Well, sorry about that. I guess you really don’t have to read it, do you? And I kinda think that blogs can be just about whatever you’d like them to be. But, hey, thanks for making my day!

  3. Dear Becky:

    You are a MEAN person. In a perfect world, the adult in your life would take you out to the woodshed for a serious lesson in how to behave on the internet.

    Sherri’s blog is not controversial. You are creating controversy and stirring up s–t for no earthly reason in what appears to be a grab for attention.

    Go write your own no-doubt-perfectly-correct blog and stop polluting this one.

    (getting down off me soapbox now)

  4. Sherri:

    I have my own blog as you know and have never allowed comments because I don’t have the time or energy or inclination to deal with this sort of thing politely, lol.

    You don’t owe this Becky or anyone else an apology. Just work on running your farm and your own life and getting well!

  5. Becky,
    Maybe, in order for Sherri to answer your question, you might trying asking. LOL. Every time I have asked questions, Sherri answers. And since you feel compelled to critique someone’s usage, let me critique your punctuation errors: Blogs are supposed to be an exchange between people but in your case, it’s just a one-way conversation with you talking to yourself. At the end of the first independent clause which ends in people, you place a comma. Also, you should never be redundant within a sentence where it is obvious….for instance, you write it’s just a one-way conversation…you don’t need to finish with the within you talking to yourself…duh! one-way conversation pretty much means one talking to one’s self. So, you know, if you are going to pick on Sherri’s usage, be prepared to get your butt critiqued over everything. That is all.

  6. Fellow fans of Sherri and her lovely blog– I have an idea.. how about we just give “Becky” a big ol’ cyber hug? Many she is just having a bad day and needs to vent behind such comments. Whatcha think? Me? Well, I think I could squeeze and hug her just tight enough where she go to sleep. Maybe she’ll wake up in a better mood?

    Love ya Sherri and Windhaven Farm!
    ~Suzanne, Sarah & Wayne

  7. Oh, in case anyone has forgotten the name for the “Beckys” of the world of the World Wide Web, they are called TROLLS. Yes, freaky round eyes and scary, wild, stand up hair on their heads. come to think about it, if I looked like that, I might be mean too. Tee hee…. just sayin’

  8. Becky is trolling. Don’t waste time on her.

    Your blog, your rules. Period. You do not owe anyone anything!