Just a few funnies…


I leave Buttercup alone in the screen porch for just a few minutes and she has to get herself in trouble.   What a goof walking around with a bucket on her.   I guess she was looking for snacks…. she does love her snacks!




While we were waiting for her son to be born, we played many games of Agricola to pass the time.   Buttercup was beating my butt at it.  she’s very good at Medieval agriculture games.



Awwww…..  Duke and Luna just waiting out the goat birth while sitting on a bale of hay.   They rarely spend a lot of time together but I guess they were just as excited as everyone else at the birth of the little goat prince.


DSC_0330 DSC_0332


Ratchet loves little baby anythings!   And he really likes little Blackjack.  He just follows him around and wags his tail, sniffing the baby and just being his friend.   Blackjack is so confident and unafraid of the dogs and such because of Ratchet!!



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