Thanks a Quiche!!!!


Our friend Kerry went and opened Pandora’s box of good eatin’ for us…

Honestly, we’ve never had quiche before!

She so graciously brought up over two lovely quiche a few weeks ago and told us the recipe!   And we’ve been quiche making fools ever since!  We love them!!!  And we’re starting to get crazy with our lovely combinations!!!

So far, we love the bacon and cheese one and the sausage and cheese one!!!   They turn out so pretty….  and SO GOOD!

Here’s our simple recipe…  slightly modified from Kerry’s cuz we love to dink around and all.

And yeah…  we have it memorized.   Says something right there, eh?


The WIndhaven Basic Quiche Recipe… 

Makes 2 quiche pies!  


You need 8 – 10 eggs.  (10 if you have little eggs, 8 if you have large or jumbo!)

1 cup heavy whipping cream

2 pie crusts in the little tin pans.  (Yeah, you can make your own crusts and we do that sometimes, but the pre-made ones are nice and easy!  And we love easy!)

A dash of salt and pepper to taste.


Add Ins…  

We like one meat and one cheese and one veggie.  


So…  a great combo is like about 12-16 ounces of cooked and crumbled bacon, or a pound of crumbled fried sausage, or 2 cups of cubed cooked ham…  breakfast style meats are our choice at the moment, but hey, I suppose chicken or beef might work nice too!

I know swiss cheese is the traditional but we’ve used Mexican blend cheese, or colby jack and even slices of Velveta!  Use what you like.   Mix it up if you want.   We use about a cup of cheese for each pie.

And veggies?   Well. we like onion…  but you can use just about anything!   Asparagus is very traditional I hear.  I would think even mixed veggies or maybe spinach….  Again, just about a cup of veggies!


Just lay all the add ins into your pie crust.  You can bake the crust a few minutes in a hot oven if you want, but we find it works good either way!


Beat all the eggs and the cream together till it’s nice and just slightly frothy.   Not too crazy, just good and whipped up nice.   Pour in equal amounts into the two pies, over top of the add ins.  Easy!   Season a bit if you like.


Heat your oven up to 400 degrees…   once hot, set the pies in for about 15 minutes.   Then drop the heat down to 350 and let cook for another 30-35 minutes.   And then get some forks and start a-slicing up that lovely thing!!!

It really is divine!!!


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