Second Litter Gone!


I will admit it.  I will miss the little boy piggies!  They were cute on their little escapes into the middle yard where they would run about like a little gang and just were adorable.

Of course, until they tore up the yard and rooted up stuff and got into the chicken coop yard.

Still, boys will be boys!

They were sold and will help out the homestead.   It’s their job in life…  unfortunately!  Or fortunately!   These little guys are lovely examples of a fine endangered heritage hog.. the American Guinea Hog!  We are proud to be able to raise these fine little pigs!  Pedigreed and registered!  Hopefully they will go on to help the breed to grow and flourish!   We love our American Guinea Hogs!

The last picture of them all together with their mom, Ebony and two half sisters Cheyenne and Shawnee…    Now it’s just three girl hoggies sharing the pen and their lovely dirt hole bath tub they dug out to wallow in.   They love it.  Helps them stay cool.

When Daddy Onyx comes back soon…  he will be able to frolic with his lovely wife Ebony and eventually, one of the girls.   The other girl might be going to a new farm home as well!  She may or may not get a chance to play the Hokey Pokey…  still kind of working that out.  It’s all good!

Love our little piggies!


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