Hair Cut Time on the Ranch…


Justin came over to test his new clippers on our bunnies and Dreamy, the pygora buck.   The bunnies were easy to shear, they actually are pretty comfy with it all.   They just sit on your lap and let you trim away.   Miss Tora really had some nice length on her fluff!   It will spin nicely…  blend in with the other Windhaven fibers…



Dreamy is such a sweetheart of a buck.   He doesn’t act all “bucky”….  in fact, he’s just a very laid back and sweet boy.   He just stood quietly with his head up against my leg, and hardly flinched a bit.  This was Justin’s first attempt at a larger animal, so he was going very carefully, learning how to handle the big shears.

Some folks shear pygoras like you do sheep, which is sort of flipping them on their rumps and working downward and through a series of very systematic cuts and trims.   Dreamy is pretty little and frankly, he was fine with just standing.

His pygora fleece is very nice…  he has type A fleece, which is very much like angora goat fleece.  It’s very nice…  Even if he wasn’t here on the homestead to make babies, he makes such nice fleece, he certainly has a way of paying his keep.   This lovely fleece went to Justin for his time and effort.  IMG_3221 IMG_3229


Since he’s so small, and it’s hard to work low on the ground, we popped him on a cooler and he was just so fine with that.   The boys were giving him pretzels and he really enjoyed that.   We left his little manly beard because it’s just so fine…  the ladies love it on him.  He was so happy to be shed of his heavy coat!  He’s a little off schedule with the rest of the flock.  When we got him in November, he had to be shorn because he was just so overgrown.   So by the end of February, he hadn’t grown his fleece long enough!  So he got sheared now, and hopefully by the end of February, he’ll be on track with everyone else and can get sheared then.   Still, I think for his first large animal…  Justin did better than I would have!   And Dreamy was quite satisfied!   He has been trotting around and frolicking in his pasture with Harley, all clean shaved and cool!  Easier to itch, too!  Life is good for our little man!

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