Trip to the Weaving Store!

We are planning a big field trip to the weaving store in Van Wert Ohio in August with some friends but we just could not wait!  My friend Justin and I had to sneak over there and do a little shopping even though it was like 90 degrees out and in this old warehouse it had to be 100 plus degrees and just nearly unbearable in the dripping sweaty heat!  But, hey, we were on a hunt for really cool selvages for our weaving projects!!!   We had to grin and bare it!  We just wanted enough to get us through the next couple weeks before we come down and really stock up!  And we each got a lot of nice stuff…  I see some very nice rugs coming off my loom in the meanwhile!!!

Just a few shots of the place… all the bags and bags of the stuff to pick through, the various other materials and warp string…  the machines that wind it all and just how the place looks!   Pretty fun…

And the last couple pictures are of my little haul for the day and the latest new rugs that I have finished and available on our Etsy page!   Please stop in and take a look!  They really turned out lovely!!!

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