Nighttime critters…


Sometimes, it’s just fun to try something a little different.   I went out one evening when Maggie when she was giving everyone their nighttime snack.   It’s a whole different world out there in the twilight…

Zombie ponies appear out of nowhere…

Wanting your cookies….



And of course, there are other night time critters that come from the shadows with their glowing eyes, seeking sweet feed!


I still get a kick out of seeing big tall Jax out there in the mix.   Especially when compared to little Frodo, the white and black lamb!


Maggie dropped a little feed over by the poultry barn to distract the little zombie sheepies…   so she could get away!   Actually, they mob her too much, so she will put out a little decoy snack and then go and put most on the sidewalk.  It’s a great way to feed everyone without crowding…  and you don’t have to worry about them getting dirt and sand in their yummy nummies…


I’ve had Jax with the sheep and goats off and on because he and Shadow are being a little, well, snotty to each other.   Apparently, Shadow is channelling his inner stallion and has voted himself King of the Equines.   Of course, it’s really Cody, but being a true king, he doesn’t worry about this brash upstart of an usurper and lets Shadow pretend to be in control.   But that means Shadow is got his courage up to give Jax a run for his money.   Jax, being a sort of laid back and gentle hearted creature, has been being pushed around by this pony half his size!   So to give them a little break, we put Jax in the weed patch with all the little hoofies.  They are pretty good about staying clear of their big roommate.  



On the mommie front…    Miss Princess Buttercup is really starting to fill out in the back!   Look at that nice little udder!   She comes from a lovely line of LaMancha goat milkers and I really hope that my long awaited dairy plans are about to come true in a week or two!   She’s also getting a nice little tummy on her as well…  

But, the surprising this is that Miss Bonnie, the rescue sheep, seems to have been fooling around with the ram boys upon her arrival last winter!!!   She is bagging up and getting quite the little udder on her!  We’re waiting to see.   I would be so happy if she had a lamb or two…  she is doing well here, but she’s still low gal on the totem pole and just seems to be a little bit of a loner.  If she had a lamb, she would have a constant companion!  And I just can’t wait to see who might be the daddy!  What an interesting lamb this might be.   We really don’t know what breed of sheep Bonnie is…  she’s what they call in the livestock world, a grade ewe.  Basically a mutt sheep…   she has the look of a few breeds, but her fleece is weird…  it’s like half hair and half wool.   She just doesn’t grow out nicely.   But we don’t mind, we love big old gangly Bonnie.   And I just am so excited that she is going to have a baby!  



Well, hope you enjoyed our little nighttime romp in the middle yard!  I hope everyone is having a nice start to their July…  I know, we are enjoying it.   Could use a little rain, but it’s really been nice, temperature wise, so I don’t mind giving the garden a drink every couple days or two!  Just staying busy and trying not to think about the next winter!!!!

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