Twin Princesses are Born!


Wouldn’t ya know…  we have been waiting and waiting and waiting some more for Miss Iris to have her little babies.  It had to be twins… she was so large!   We thought we might have our first set of triplets!!!  But no…  just a sweet little pair of ADORABLE twin ewe lambs!!!   Oh my gosh!  Lottery time!    I love the little boys, but to be honest, we are really happy to have one boy now and three girls!!!    We can keep them all easily!

Well, for some reason, the girls have been having babies on the weekends and when someone is coming to visit!   How nice of them!    And sure enough, Jessy and Maggie’s Dad was coming out to visit and so Iris decided she better show off her new babies…


Since we’re going with a Lord of the Rings theme for our baby sheep this year…  let me introduce to you the lovely Princesses…  Arwyn and Eowyn!   Eowyn is the lighter colored lamb on the right and Arwyn is the darker one on the left.    They are perfect and simply stunning!   Otis did a very good job this year… his three daughters are stunning…  beautiful little badger tricolor babies!!!   I can’t wait to see how they mature!!!   DSC_0058 DSC_0059

We left Momma and her darlings in the lambing jug for the day to get to know each other.   It’s important for moms to have a little down time, quiet time…  a good drink of sweet water and some grain for energy, time for the babies to get used to being alive and in the real world!!!


Luna is not very thrilled with all the new babies.  She’s telling us all about how unpleased she is.   They chase her and try to sniff her all the time.   Clearly not good kitty etiquette!


Little Galadriel has taken to following Momma Noel and Aragorn around because her mom Emma is not exactly attentive.   Noel is a SUPER clingy mom to her boy…  so I guess Galadriel would like a little of that mommy attention.   Emma is trying, she’s getting better as each day comes along.  Yearlings can be that way.  Some are awesome first time moms…  others… well…..  haha….

DSC_0075 DSC_0078

Luna doesn’t even like a squirt of lamb milk to make her disposition any more sunny.   She can be a real sour puss at times…


Everyone enjoying a little time out in the weed patch.   We hope to get it all cleaned up out there soon!  It’s on the hit list of spring projects!   Right now, they sure like to be able to go and eat stuff and run about in their own little personal pasture.

DSC_0089 DSC_0090

Jelly Bean is such a handsome little man!   He is so fun to play with and such a little character!  We just love him to pieces!   He’s adorable….  He loves to play on lumpy bumpy things…   such a little goat.


Galadriel with her mom!   She is so adorable too!   Such a pretty little girl…  IMG_2956

Our little boys… Aragorn is taking a nap and Jelly Bean wants him to play!!!


Rana and Rafeka playing the goatie head butt game.   It’s pretty much a favorite around here.


Emma learning to be a good mommie…   she’s trying.   I think she likes her little lamb nugget, she’s just not totaly sure what she’s supposed to be doing with her.   She has such a strong bond with her own mother Iris, I think once Iris is out with her new babies, Emma will learn and pattern after her own mom…

IMG_2982 IMG_2988

Haha…  Buttercup sitting with the Angora twins.   That’s not normal.


Later in the evening, we let Iris out with her babies and sure enough, Emma was right there to check out her new sisters.  Everyone was one big sniffy party as the three little ewe lambs got to know each other.   They will all be very bonded to each other…  there is the Iris and Emma ties of mom and daughter and then now, there is the extended children of those ewes to form a little social group.  IMG_2993 IMG_2997

All our little babies!!!!   How adorable…  just waiting on Bridget now to lamb!

IMG_3009Another interesting thing has happened…  Emma and Beaulah are Best Friends Forever…  two yearlings that are very close to each other.   Beaulah, unfortunately, miscarried her baby about ten days before Emma had her baby.   She was sad, and was sort of a little discomboobulated over the hormones and such in her body and no baby to take care of.  So when her bestie Emma had her little baby, we noticed that Beaulah was really spending a lot of time sniffing and licking little Galaldriel.   And then she would follow her around a lot, and just started to keep an eye on her.   And of course, big Bonnie, she’s been part of the Emma and Beaulah gang because she’s bottom of the whole pecking order of the herd.   So Bonnie is watchful and protective of little Galadrial, too!   So I think that she might not have one super attentive mom, she has three kinda part time, trying hard moms!  I suspect they will grow into their new roles as girls of the herd.   It’s really cool to watch the relationships unfold.




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