Bye Bye Howdy…



Houston… we have a problem.

Hahaha…   Well, it was a goat problem.  It was ONE goat that was being a problem.   Howdy…  he was a angora buck that came to live here with us with his friend Bonnie the sheep.   And everything was fine for the longest time!   Until the grass started to turn green.   And Howdy got one taste of that luscious stuff and he was a goner!  Yes, he started jumping fences and making life difficult for us all.

He just kept getting out!   They say if your fences can’t hold water, they can’t hold a determined goat and by golly, they are right!  We kept fixing spots and putting him back and he’d be out within the day.  And unfortunately, around here, that is a real problem!

We live right off a fairly busy route…  lots of semis go by during the week days.  And a goat and a semi tangling, ew….  just not a good thing.  Not to mention the liability, but just the ewww factor is enough to cause a person to worry.

We moved him around, back with the ponies, back with the mommas, and with our bacholers up front.  Every time, he would figure some way to get out within a day or two!  I was just not sure what we were going to do!   I told my friend Jess that we could give him a safe home…  and we were having trouble doing it!  The last straw was when we locked him in the mud room one night and he just made a royal mess of the place!  In fact, he even got the drill out of the cupboard somehow…  I believe he was going to use it to break free!  Hahaha….. that goat!



Well, we were not going to give up, not at all.  We promised we would keep him safe…  Well, as I was thinking about what to do, I was chatting online with Jess through Facebook and I mentioned we were having a little trouble keeping him in a fence…  and then Jess mentioned that she really missed him and would love to have him back!   She had mended some of her own paddocks and fences and felt that it was safe for him to return!   Yeah!  Perfect!


Now, let me set the record straight.  We liked Howdy!  He is one silly personality of a goat.   He was always pleasant and catching him was not very hard at all.   He just wanted that green grass.  On the other side of the fence.  Which we all know is much better than the grass on your side of the fence!  It was very hard to be mad at him, in fact, we usually were laughing when he got out, again.   And again.  But when he stopped traffic one afternoon, wandering back and forth on the road?  That was the last straw.   We had to either make a very very secure enclosure for him or find him a safer home.   So we were so happy to send him packing, back to his own little home…  Buck and Cluck Acres!  It was fun to get him all ready…. snapped into his little car harness and in the back seat for his ride home!  They live a little over an hour from us, and he was a very good passenger!  In fact, he just sat down and enjoyed the in flight snacks from Miss Erin!  He was a good boy.



I’m happy to report that he’s doing fine, he’s back in with the other bucks and whethers there and has not escaped!   He does get to go out on the leash and graze the front yard from time to time.  We miss him, but we hope that he left us a baby or two with our lovely does Rana and Buttercup!   Time will tell!   Any babies after the end of June will be from his kanoodling prowess!  And the best thing?  We’re going to be getting one of his sons later on this summer!   How cool is that?

Hopefully, the escaping gene has not been passed down!!!


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