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One of the most delightful things about our little homestead is that we are giving so many people a chance to visit and reconnect with animals in a way that they might not normally get.  Holding a baby goat or seeing a newborn lamb, it’s a special thing.  Watching chickens wander about the yard or to pet a pony’s soft velvety nose… it’s special.  It is wonderful.

I suppose you can get that at a petting zoo or something, but honestly, how many of those are around anymore?  I really don’t know of too many.  Liability I guess, or just something that people are not doing much of anymore.  Well, that’s why I am so happy when I hear our friends and family talk about this little place as THE FARM…  It’s like they feel a bit of ownership over the place, a bit of pride in how it’s going.   Trips out are just wonderful and we love it.

This Sunday was a special day because not only did Jess and Erin come out and our little Princess Galadriel was born, but that afternoon, Kerry, Pat and Zach came out to visit too!   They had wanted to come and meet little Jelly Bean and as you can see, Jelly Bean was pretty darn excited to meet them, especially Zach!   What a cute smile on that boy and that goat!

IMG_2907 IMG_2912

And of course, they got to meet little newborn Galadriel!   She was just hours old at this point, and so sweet…    Still in the lambing jug with her mother, who was still a bit in shock about the whole weird afternoon!  It was nice for them to be able to see the teeny little baby and visit with everyone here!  We just love having visits…  just let us know if you want to come out and then come on out!  We are usually here, so it works out pretty well.


I just love this picture…  it just says serene and contented…  momma and baby bonding…


Well, of course, a couple goats had to take advantage of the situation and ESCAPE from their pasture, into the lush forbidden garden space!  Bad Goaties…  of course, the ring leader was Daisy, who had left her baby behind to sneak off with Rana and Rafeka.    We found where they got in, and it was fixed up right away.   This winter has been SO hard on our fences…  every little weak spot has been discovered by the gang as they check out their enclosures!   Thank goodness, most places end up in another pasture so they are safe, but still naughty!

IMG_2933Since Mom Daisy could care less, we brought Jelly Bean into the house to get him a bottle of milk replacer.  We want him to be doe raised, and she’s trying, but as a first time mom, and a bit of an airhead, it was clear that he needed just a little help.   A bit of supplemental feeding to make sure he grew well and could deal with his goof ball mom.  We only  needed to do it for about a week and he really responded well.  And it helped to make him very very human centric, which is nice in a farm animal.  It was very funny to watch him frolic in the house and we all laughed and watched Goat TV for awhile as we visited and chatted!  Lilly Kitty was SOOOOO interested in the goat baby!   She’s never seen such a weird dog.  haha…   What a lovely visit!!!    We hope they come back soon!!


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