After Shearing…


We kept the shorn sheep inside the barn for a couple days because it was raining and that is not a good thing for them to have to deal with.  Shorn sheep are hardy and the cold is not a real problem, it’s the wetness and the wind that is difficult for them to adjust to.  But this day, it was warm and full of sunshine and to be honest, they were out frolicking and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Most hoof stock stays warm not through their coats, but through eating.   Keeping constant feed through their systems, free choice, is the best way for them to maintain their body temperature.   So right now, we keep them nice and fed and they are fine.   In fact, they even lay in the snow and chew their cud!  Warm little bodies!


Duke Kitty is even out enjoying the nice weather.   As much as we are getting very tired of the snow and the cold, on a nice day like this one, it was actually pretty tolerable.  It reached all the way up to 45 degrees!!!!   I know we still have a good two or three weeks of the yucky weather, but today was a beautiful teaser of the wonderful weather soon to come!!!


What a goofy pair, this hog and this rooster.   I believe they are rehearsing for the farm circus.  Their act will be Bacon and Eggs!  haha….  Actually this is Oscar, our freezer hog, and Dammartin, Bucka’s partner in crime.   We are a little worried… Bucka and Dammartin have been good buddies all through the winter and they came up missing for a few days.  We have tried to keep them in the big barn but they would escape constantly!   They are free spirits!  Lone wolves of the poultry world… well, a pair of lone wolves.  Yeah.   But Dammartin came home a few days ago without his Dad.  We haven’t found him yet, and have looked, and this has happened before…  we are hopeful.


Rana and Rafeka are sporting their new fuzzy coats!    Angoras are just a little fragile, so we’re helping them with warm coats and a big warm barn.


Just for fun, I let the goats out for a little fresh air and a romp!   Of course, Buttercup and Daisy were both eager to come out and hang out in the snow and sunshine.   Buttercup thought it was tasty!   I’ve fairly certain that Daisy is expecting Dreamy’s little love child… and hope Buttercup is as well, but she’s not showing as much as chubby little Daisy!  It’s going to be fun to find out!  Still have at least another month before anyone is due…  March 20th might be Daisy’s due date, or near there!  Can’t wait!!!

DSC_0349 DSC_0355

Even the Angora’s came out!   I was amazed!   They wanted to check things out.


The sheep are puzzled… they thought for sure we sold all the goats!!!  haha…  Nope!  They’ve been in the big barn!!!  DSC_0360

They were so funny… they came out, sniffed around and when over to help themselves to the paddock hay feeder!   But after about ten minutes, the angoras and Dreamy, the pygora, they headed back to the comfort of the big barn!   And that lovely heat lamp!  Daisy and Buttercup stayed out another five or ten minutes, which included some crazy goat jumping, running and twists but then they said, this is awful, we’re going back in, too!  And they did.

DSC_0362 DSC_0374 DSC_0380 DSC_0383

Daisy ripping down the pathway and getting a little exercise!   Or she’s just working out a little cabin fever!  She was super goofy, just running and jumping and twisting as only goats can!!!!   I can’t wait for the weather to get a little nicer for everyone!!!  I know they will just leap for joy!!!  Can’t wait!


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