Working on Some New Rugs!


This winter has been a hard one.  It’s just been so harsh and so hard on us, that there hasn’t been a lot of room for just enjoying the season.  Seems like our days are filled with struggle…  keeping the animals all fed and watered, taking care of the things that keep failing in the house because of the harsh temperatures and such…  keeping the furnace running…. errands…  just day to day stuff and then work projects…  well, there just hasn’t been that many hours left in the day to enjoy things like crafts or weaving.

But I finally said, enough… I need to get weaving.   It’s not only just a craft, but an income for me.  I sell rugs off our Etsy site and to friends and family.  And I very much enjoy making them…  it’s a win win situation.

However, our studio has just been too cold to work in.  I know this year has been a record breaker for cold.  It’s just been miserable in our part of the world.  So I asked my dear daughters if they would help me rearrange the furniture a bit in the living room and we dragged Rosie into the warmth!  And after a few days of making a little room in my schedule, I started to weave a new rug.   It’s beautiful… in shade of purple, lavender and a sort of dark grayish purple.  With the black warp strings, it’s a nice color combination that I am sure to remember and repeat at some other date.


Once I got going, it was delightful to remember how much I just enjoy the weaving process.  Setting up and getting the strips cut and sewn is not my favorite part, but the act of weaving is just so relaxing to me.  You get in the zone and after a while, it’s just so relaxing, the motions of the loom. It took me three days to get this big rug finished…  a couple hours here and there.  But it’s over 60 inches long and 33 inches wide, so it’s a nice big size.   Not sure if I’m going to sell this one or keep it!  I do adore the combination!   I guess I’ll wait to see when it’s off the loom.  I can’t keep them all!

Well, I suppose I could but then folks might start calling me the crazy rug lady!  Hahaha… ahem.  No, I love that they end up at the homes of friends and family!   It’s perfect!  We’ll see…  it might end up in our kitchen!  I’ve been looking for a nice rug in front of the sink.  We have a nice hit and miss scrap rug there but it’s not quite the right size.  We’ll see!!!



In the meanwhile… here is the next color combination for the 4th rug on the loom this warping.  I am hoping that the combination looks stunning in the black warp.   Will do a few test strips to make sure!

Sure are hoping that spring is around the corner.  This has been the LONGEST shortest month of the year for me…  for years and years!  February usually comes and goes so quickly, but this time, whew!  Seems like ages…   and now it looks like we have another big storm system moving in the first of March!   Agh!!!!   Will this winter EVER end????   I am going to so lay out in the sunshine for hours and hours on end as soon as the weather gets the faintest bit better.  Can not wait!!!!!

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