A farm stand!

I think next year, we are going to build and open a cute little farm stand out in the front yard.  Sell eggs and veggies and crafts and such.  Why not?  I just had a nice talk with a couple that buys eggs from us and they said there is just nothing around for folks to buy fresh veggies in our little village.  Nothing much really at all.  Our neighbor does a little stand  in the fall for corn and pumpkins but that’s all.  We could start a little one and offer our own home products and such.  That would be fun and a nice little summer income stream that we’re looking for!!!   Pretty cool…  will have to start thinking about it now…  wish I could find a little old wagon like this one…  around here they are pretty expensive.  Perhaps we’ll just design and build our own…  Maggie and I are getting to be pretty darn good carpenters!!!  And we could have our little free library housed in there too!   How cool would that be?  Hmmm….. yeah…..   the Windhaven farm stand!  I like it!


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A farm stand! — 2 Comments

  1. Sherri,

    I think it’s a wonderful idea. I have it on a list of folks I needed to email, but I was gonna email and ASK if you ladies planned on having stuff for sale at your property, and to ask how many of your outbuildings are being used now (I get mixed up) for things like a studio, or maybe a place to sell your fruits, flowers, crafts etc. I hadn’t thought of a hay rack (trailer) to set something up on!

    So, guess I’m askin’ here instead of in email as maybe it’s more than me who has been wondering!
    Suzanne in NW IL @whycuzican

  2. I think you could also start small with any extra table and a sign while you are building the stand of your dreams……people around here use picnic tables set up close to the road…..they also make people drive down their driveway to an outbuilding, and have the doors open when in business, or shut with a sorry we are closed sign when not