I love my new phone!

Okay, I have to admit it, I am in love with my new phone.

I jumped the gun and I went and I canceled my other phones and got a Tracfone.

I SO wish I would have done this years ago. I am just not a big phone talker, the most I do is a few calls here and there and then I text often, but just with a few people. My girls hardly use a phone as well.

I went and got a phone with triple the minutes on it for the life of the phone. So every time I either buy a card to add minutes or use the website, it triples the number I buy. So 30 minutes becomes 90 minutes.

And a text costs 1/3 of a minute to send.

The phone cost me $60 up front and came with 20 minutes. So far, in TWO MONTHS, I have only had to add minutes twice. The first time I spent $19.99 and got 180 minutes which lasted me three weeks. And now, with a special they offered, I got 390 minutes for $29.99. That should last me at least another month and a half!

The girls started with their free 20 minutes and still have 12 left! I imagine I’ll get them another 60 or so in a week or so.

My past phone bill was $160 a MONTH!!!!!!! This is such a huge savings for me and it’s such a relief as well, not having that huge bill and knowing that I control my own budget with the darn thing. And so far, I haven’t felt restricted or anything on it. I’ve chatted some but mostly just my normal quick calls and then texting. It’s been perfect.

I highly recommend this as a great option for folks that might want a cell but not the huge bill. Or if you have a huge bill with contract phones and want another option. Make sure you get a phone that has either double or triple the minutes added. That really makes it cheap. I found that out by surfing around a bit before I made my jump.

I’m not a paid sponsor or anything, I just adore this way to be connected, yet in control and saving cash all the way! Two months would have cost me $320 with the old phones… this way? $110 (and that included buying the phone!) $200 bucks saved is a huge thing for us! And here after, it will be even cheaper, since the phones are paid for.

Pretty darn cool!!!

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I love my new phone! — 4 Comments

  1. I finally got a cell phone…been fighting it with all I had but just had to make the leap. I ended up with SmartTalk, $30 a month with 1000 minutes of talk time and 1000 texts and I can get on the internet but haven’t yet. Still not sure if I like it, especially since I keep laying the stuped thing down and forgetting where it is and I hardly ever take it with me when I leave which drives my husband nuts! LOL

  2. I switched to a track phone a few years ago when I decided to stay home and be a farm keeper. It has saved a ton of money and I rarley use a cell phone at all anymore, just rare occasions, emergencies and I have never sent a text. Can yo believe that. We are just not texters ot tweeters, but we sure do toot alot. lol Sorry I couldn’t resist! lol I need a new phone at the moment, my old one is seriously 9 years old and it won’t hold a charge anymore. What kind did you decide on? and where did you get it. I was looking at then at Dollar General one day, they have alot to choose from. Is that it in the picture on the blog? I brought home a ton of literature on them to study, but still am so undecided and there is SO MANY options, it just leaves me so comfused as to what is right for me.

    • I got the Samsung T404G mostly because it had triple minutes on it. So every minute you buy, you get 2 more. Made the most sense economically… and it’s a nice little phone. I got it through the website, it was just under $60 and had free shipping and stuff like that. I’m really pleased with it so far. And yep, that is the one in the picture!


  3. Hi Ladies :) Weighing in my 2 cents worth.

    I have a StraightTalk (which is actually a TracFone product) from WalMart. Works off our local Verizon towers so I SELDOM get a drop call, and I use the cheaper of the two plans.

    $30 for 1000 talk min (incoming/outgoing count the same) which is like 16 hours worth, 1000 text, 3 gig data (for internet). Oh and this is a 30 day plan (no contract phone is the ONLY way to go in my book). The min etc don’t carry over.

    (They also have a $45 plan for unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited data/internet)

    Oh, I had to switch to a new phone recently (the last one finally died and wouldn’t hold a charge but I got it like 3 years ago), and this one was FREE at http://www.straighttalk.com. Not a fancy one (just flip type, not a slider etc) but it does even have a little camera feature which I’m having fun with.

    The only real downside is that it’s only available at WalMart (or HellMart as it’s known in my family), but you can get the service cards, phones etc, at their website, so you don’t have to set foot in WM.

    Suzanne in NW Illinois