Storing Plastic Bags

Okay. We are trying hard. We really are.

We own about oh 8 or 10 great cloth shopping totes and bags and we use them about oh… 50% of the time. We are striving for 100% of the time… but it’s hard. We keep forgetting to get them back into the car. But we’re getting there.

In the meanwhile… we still have this ENORMOUS stash the of the dang things… and I saw online somewhere about how to condense that down to like next to nothing! AND… how you can make it so you can EASILY stash some in the car or your purse… and reuse the little dudes.

So Jessy is my assistant today in Plastic Bag Origami Lessons!

Now… if you are thinking about using those wonderful cloth shopping bags…. here’s a little video that will DEFINITELY help to convince you that these things are just nasty. And hey, they are starting to be banned all over the place… lots of countries ban them… and now San Francisco has banned them… it’s coming folks… time to get used to using your own tote bags!

(PS… paper bags are worse!)

((But at least they compost down faster, but they pollute more in manufacturing! UGH! USE CLOTH BAGS!!!))

It’s the only way that you can sleep at night. (g)

And if you want to make stuff with the bags…. there are a ton of cool videos with projects! Like this one….

Okay. I’m going to make a vow to knock it off and remember the cloth and recycled bags for all my shopping!! I will! I will!!!

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