RAIN!!!!! RAIN where are YOU?????????

My gosh, we need rain SO bad! Our lakes are drying up, our grass is burned out and dead, it’s the end of June and we’ve had hardly ANY substantial rain for over 5 weeks now. It rained last night for about 10 minutes, spitting mostly, hardly enough to get the cars wet! It’s dreadful….

When you’re talking to the big guy upstairs… can you ask him for just a day of rain for our little homestead? Our place looks so much nicer with a little green in the summertime… Looks like the southwest out there and this is good old Ohio! We’ve got nothing but high temps and no rain for another week…. folks wells are going to start drying up….

Common’ rain…. we’re waiting on ya.

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RAIN!!!!! RAIN where are YOU????????? — 2 Comments

  1. We are suffering the same thing here in southern Wisconsin. There has been more 90+ degrees days in a stretch than I can ever remember and this was June! I just came in from hand watering (gallon jugs) 29 little trees that were planted 1-2 years ago. All that work of planting and I refuse to see them die. This was the 4th time I carried water to them. What will July and August bring??

    I picture your sheep and Cody standing around dejectedly, instead of frolicking…

    At least my well is 375 feet deep.

    I really hope (but don’t have much faith) that this is NOT the practice year for global warming.

    Hang in…

  2. Would you mind posting pictures of the dry farm? I know you like posting only the pretty pix of your lovely homestead, but for those of us stuck in sunny Los Angeles and dreaming of the farm, we like seeing the stuff that doesn’t work, too! We need our daily farm fix!