Fences make good neighbors…

I’m actually hoping that my dog and all the kitties around the joint will be better neighbors… they seem to think my raised beds are like just little play areas for them…


So I found this bundle of slightly warped little boards and I thought.. hmmmm…. fencelings! I could make some little removable fences for the sides of the beds, that can lift out when I want to make adjustments, weed, or whatever, but that when in place they will be a momentary thought adjuster… as least for Gypsy… as she is the most destructive to a bed of little garden babies…


Well my buddy Tim, from the band, just recently found himself without a job and a family to take care of, and well… he could use a few odd jobs to help out and man, do I have odd jobs! He doesn’t know what he’s got in store for him! Mmmhahahahahh h ah ah aaa haaa…

Ahem. The Moby Home Woman has a long long Honey-Do List because she ain’t got no honey!

(of course, my long list could be a reason that I don’t have a Honey… hmmmm…. well… we’ll see how Tim survives the onslaught of my list! I want shutters for the moby and I got a screen door, but unfortunately the whole inside door frame has to be replaced, and then there is the cuke frame and the towel rack for the bathroom and a spice rack to hang and also the bathroom door knob and of course, a closet system for the girls closet and help with th corn field and rocks around the bird feeder and then of course, I have some bad windows that need to be replaced and oh just a half dozen other little projects!!! I’m sure Erin won’t mind renting him out for a few days!)


I would love to have him build me a little chicken hut…. I’m sure he could make a lovely one. I wonder if I’ll ever have the nerve to ask the manager if chickens are allowed as pets… just a pair of them? Maybe 3? Hmmmm?

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