Ice Storm a’Coming…

I’m not much of a worry wart over storms and weather stuff. I’ve been known to stay calm during tornados and other scary stuff. And when people start worrying on the news about some new big bad storm, I tend to take note, stock up on Pepsi and ride it out. And usually, it’s really not much like the drum bangers and media folk want to make these things out to be.

Now, yes, I know, there are some really bad weather things and I’m really not making light of those things, just saying that I don’t usually get too worked up around here. Ohio is good for a tornado or two here and there, maybe a good dump of snow or heat wave, but we don’t have super bad weather much.

That being said? I do think we’re in for a good one soon. Yeah, it’s March in a day or so… but March can be a month of trouble, easy! I remember that we sealed the deal for the farm on March 25th… And we had another 6+ weeks of misery! It was raining, flooding, snowing and COLD… we were in this old house without heat and it was dreadful on more then one occasion!

So when I heard there was freezing rain and yuckiness coming, I told Maggie, we better move the sheep to the big barn so they can stay under cover all day. And lets give everyone some extra groceries, water and a bit extra sweet feed in their bellies tonight so they will be all nice and tucked in tonight and probably tomorrow. Even if we just get rain all day, there is no need for them to be out in it all day, tearing up the yard and getting filthy. There will be plenty of nice days for them to bask in the spring sunshine and nibble new grass.

We had to rig up some gates in the big barn, because it’s set up for chickens really, and free range chickens to boot. So we moved a couple big steel gates in there. One we just wedged between the big doors and the rooster coop, so that the wee sheep can’t get through the chicken door. (It’s this slightly big opening in the big doors, about 2 foot square that everyone comes and goes through. And I’m quite sure that Fergus and Molly could squeeze through there if they tried.

And then between the feed room and the main area of the barn, we fashioned up a nice tidy gate there. We drilled a couple holes into the wall, on either side of the studs and then used baling twine to make some super sturdy gate hinges! We’ll get some decent wire and do it up right soon enough, but that twine is super tough and a bunch of Shetland sheep would be able to push it down. I really don’t want them in the feed room, because they are likely to make a mess, and get into the chicken feed and such. No thanks! No sick sheepies around here ever again!

When we lured them in there with their night time snack, they all were a little perplexed and of course all the chickens that were thinking about roosting, they all were fluffed up and annoyed for certain, but then settled in to watch a little Sheep TV from the rafters. Angus and Fergus were head butting each other in play and Iris found a spot by the hay and laid down to nom nom nom on some fodder and politely consider the new digs. The plan is for them to be in there full time, but I need to rig up a little better system outside for keeping them around the outside of the barn. Spring? Where are you! I want to start digging post holes and making our last stage fencing plans a reality!

In Cody’s barn, we dragged this piece of wire fence in and stapled it on his work bench. I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures, but we were working hard and it was pretty dark in there anyways. Maybe tomorrow! But basically, this piece is about 4 foot square. And the openings of the fence are 2 by 4 inches in size. We laid it on the top of the workbench and stapled it in with heavy duty fence staples. And then we rolled it up to the ceiling and stapled it in there. In a corner. Picture one of those stuffed animal nets! Haha… it’s kind of like that. Low enough that Cody can stand at it and pull hay through the holes comfortably. We unfluffed a WHOLE bale of hay in there and stuffed it full. Now the little doodle can eat as much as he would like, and not waste a ton of it, pulling it all over the place. It’s a cheap hay rack and didn’t cost us nuthing really. The fence we found out back and a couple of those hammer in fence staples.

Cody, of course, was there watching us as we worked. When we got all done and started to stuff his little hay burrito with yummy hay, he waddled right over and began eating away, pulling little bits out and chewing away. He gave us a happy boy whinny of approval. And then Jack and Duke came bounding in and proceeded to make kitty nests in the fluffy hay! They loved it. Jack sleeps with Cody lot, they are pals. I think Jack was more impressed than Cody, but I was thrilled because now, hopefully, he won’t waste as much hay and it will slow him down a little so he won’t eat too much at once.

He’s a good boy and doesn’t founder, he can have a whole bale in there and if he doesn’t strew it all over the place and play in it, it will last him easily 4 or 5 days. I watch him very carefully for that, because I know ponies are prone to overeating and such, but he’s been doing fine. In fact, we all thought he was a little overweight when he first came here and now, he’s a nice trim and full dude, but not quite as portly. He’s getting a lot more exercise and such then I think he was getting as he was often stalled most the day. He get free fed hay and grass outside, and then a scoop of sweet feed at night as his treat. And he gets a carrot or apple here and there and usually a couple pony cookies too. He’s spoiled, but in the right way!

I gave all the chickens new hay in their nests and Miss Eleanor ALWAYS has to check them out as I’m doing it, it’s so funny. She inspects each one and does this funny little dance as she makes sure they fit her fanny properly. If we don’t dress up the nests, the eggs get dirtier and dirtier coming in the house. Plus I know the girls like that, don’t all chicks like their nests all fluffed and sweet smelling? Gathered up almost 3 dozen eggs today! They are sure going to town! I hope Maggie’s egg sign gets working soon… we have about 15 or 16 dozen eggs at the moment!!!

Well, we’ll report in and let you all know how we’re faring. I hope we don’t loose power, that is kind of a drag for sure. But we went and got water and kerosene, so we’d be okay for a bit. Time to stay in bed and read and crochet and nap! My favorite!!!

Nice thing about doing a little extra for the critters is that if it’s bad, you can sleep in and know they are all right. It’s it not bad, you can sleep in and know they are all right! (gg) WIn win situation, if you ask me!

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Ice Storm a’Coming… — 2 Comments

  1. We have tornados here tonight. I actually heard a spring peep peeping tonight. (frog). I love to hear them sing. I have never in my life heard them in Feb. Hope it stays warm. I planted my spinach and lettuce and a few radishes today also. I am embracing this early spring and running with it. I have some plastic and some 1/2 inch bendable pvc pipe if it gets too I have gardening fever baaaaad. I hope to make a high house tunnel with it and get some other things planted also. Those raised beds are great for an easy and inexpensive high house. Did you hear about the high house grants for 37 states. Check it out for your state, you have until March 16 I think to apply and it will pay for about 85-90 percent of the cost for you to grow organic food to sell. I thought you might be interested in this, I am applying and hope to get one.

    Stay safe and stay warm in the storm. I’ll be thinking of you all.