For Freya and Tina and Chanda…

Here you go Ladies!!! (gggg)

Okay, not pictured, but equally awecious… I got a walking stick that was long and carved with a weird deer head in the side but that has a nice little leather strap and a little pointy metal end on it for working my sheepies… $6…. And I got a lovely wool plaid blanket for Cody’s training for $1… and I got two yards of a nice sturdy wool in grey to make a little slip cover for this cute footrest that Miss Julia found for me a while back. Oh yeah, and a little potpourri simmering thingy that you plug in for $1.50 (I wanted something to put a few lovely stinky scented tarts in but I didn’t want to pay the $24.50 for the fancy ones at the store! (I am so cheap some times… hahaha)

Love the little baskets, but I’m picky. I only look for the ones that look Amish made. With the wide strapping and nailed tops. Because I know that those are usually quite a bit more valuable and stronger. I use them all over the house to hold this and that. And I got those three in the picture for under a dollar, total! Two were a quarter and one was 50 cents. Oh yes… and I got a 8 quart BRAND NEW stainless steel stock pot for… wait for it… wait…. $1.00. Yeah. one buckaroonie. It’s brand new, still had the labels on it, no scorching, thick too… the label said it was a 40 dollar pot!!! A dollar. I think it will be excellent for a small batch of cheese, or just to heat up some noodles or whatever. Heck for a buck, it can go out in the coop and hold water or hen treats or whatever!!

I was a happy gal. Good stuff for sure.

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For Freya and Tina and Chanda… — 7 Comments

  1. Be VERY careful with that simmering potpourri around cats!!!!!! I saw a very sick cat several years ago with severe oral burns from licking at the simmering stuff – it is very caustic and we had a fight on our hands to get that cat healed and eating again! I advise my clients to NEVER use it in a home with pets (or small children for that matter).

    I am a veterinarian with a cat practice, FWIW.

    • Thanks G for the heads up!

      I have mine up on a shelf that the kitties avoid because it’s a little cluttered and out of the way. I hope that helps to keep them from even considering it. I’ve had really good luck with my kitties being uninterested in ANYThing that smells “funny” I guess my tastes in stinky are not theirs!!!

      But I will keep a really good watch on it, and make sure, because that would sure be no fun and dangerous to a boot!


  2. Great finds! I use a big pot like that when I’m mixing up sausage. It holds a lot and really lets me get in there to mix it up without worrying about it spilling over the edges.

  3. Would love to find shops around here like you have there. Most people are hanging on to their stuff, so what’s available is nondescript and mostly junk.

    I have a question for you if you’d care to tackle it.
    The dilema? A noisy, uninsulated ‘party wall’. That wall between neighboring apartments. The wall is 9 feet high and 14 feet long. There are two electrical outlets along the wall. I have racked my brains trying to come up with something cheap and non permanent (apartment lease rules) that would act as a sound barrier and still be moderately attractive. (did I mention it has to be cheap? like dirt cheap?) Let’s say I got ahold of small boxes to stack and tape together, what could i put into that many boxes to make it cheap and work as a sound absorber????? And what could I do to the outside of the boxes to make them attractive? Would I need to cover the whole wall or would partial coverage make enough of a sound proofing difference?
    I’ve thought and thought and haven’t come up with a good answer.
    I remember that amazing mattress ‘box spring’ you created out of shipping boxes for one of your daughters’ bed and thought ‘what a great idea’.

    I just keep thinkin’. (:

    • Well, boxes would REALLY work nicely, especially if you could stuff them with something, how about waste paper or newspapers? If you had a few friends save you some newspaper, you could probably crumple them and add them in, and then cover the boxes with either a pretty sheet, or maybe individual boxes of some cool wall paper? How about carpeting? Haha… I mean, you could get a rem that size, and then hang it on the wall! Hmmm. Might be too heavy. Fabric would really work too though, I think. I will think and dream on it and maybe the project fairies will give me an answer!!! (gg) I would google cheap sound barriers…. that might net a few ideas too! Darn neighbors! I hated that about living in apartments… the weird sound of someone so close and yet you didn’t really know what was up… I’m sure there is something you could do to dampen it…

      Oh, that’s a shame about your local thrift stores! For whatever reason, the ones around here are pretty good. People are really downsizing and all, so you find a lot of pretty darn good stuff. At least i think so! haha. I get a big thrill out of getting some cool stuff and enjoying the shop and only spending $10! Good on several levels!

  4. Looks like some great finds and a great time. I love a big community garage sale like that. Community garage sales are getting popular here as well and it is a great idea to help save in gas. I also love when the neighborhood blocks in the city host a sale. Love walking from house to house.

    I though of you all so often yesterday, hoping all the sad school shootings were far from you all. So sad that these kids choose to do this.

    Cody boy’s training is coming along, sounds like a good comfortable plan, he would probably tolerate alot more and love all the attention he is getting. Those sand bags used for weight in cars during bad weather make a good final weight before allowing a child to sit and its pretty easy to sit a small child on and hold one of thier arms, just in case. My little Scooby seems to tolerate me leading kids around on him, but I have never turned them loose without me being by their side because that little booger can run like a banchee. he runs so fast he looks like a motorcycle racer turning on their side to make a corner. I would be so afraid he would take off like that with a little one on and unless they are a small trained rodeo rider, that average kid is not gonna stay on. lol. We don’t have small children, so I just worl with him on pulling the training cart. ( A bit of advice on pulling harnesses.) I ordered one from a outfit on Ebay and it is made in India or somewhere like that and it is very small and some parst are very big. Some parts fit him and some parts fit the goats. lol. The bridle with the eye blinders doesn’t fit him at all and it was supposed to be for a mini. I paid around 80-100 for it so beware. Go to a sale barn and actually look at it and see the quality and size. I was very dissappointed. Another bit of friendly pony advice…..when the butt is itchy and you see them scratching thier tail and they are actully rubing hait out from scratching, that is usually a true sign of being alittle wormy. It’s ok, horses get wormy, they are grazing animals and it is normal. Just worm him regulary and switch up wormers so he doesn’t get immune to just one. We worm our horses certain times of the year, spring and fall, all new animals, and when we see them scratching thier rumps. This fall if you notice little tiny yellow eggs attached to his fur, that is a bot egg and he will lick his legs and ingest them and then they will hatch out into this stomach. As soon as you notice them, take a disposable razor and shave them away, this will prevent alot of worms. He looks like a fine boy and what a lovely loving home he got. Like I always say, if horses can pray, his were answered.

    Blessing to you,

  5. That is a really neat looking angel there!

    And a GIANT WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the awesome scores!!!!!! :)