Cheap Dog Sweaters…

The temperatures are finally dropping and starting to act like winter around here. And with that cold windy weather and some snow, poor Miss Evee is not happy. She goes out and just sits and shivers like she’s going to die. Ratchet is fine with it, but then he’s a pretty happy go lucky kind of dog. But I felt bad for Evee. So I told the girls, lets make them some cold weather sweaters!

We simply measured each dog’s wing span! Starting on one leg and measuring up over their shoulder and then back down to the other side, their other front leg. Miss Evee was only 32 and Ratchey was 41. And we popped down to the Goodwill thrift store and started checking out young kid sweaters. We just measured them from arm to arm, across the chest until we found a pair that fit. Only $2.00 a sweater!

They ended up being a little long in the arms, so we just cut them off at the right height. We’ll whip stitch around the two arm holes to make them nice and secure, so they don’t unravel. For Ratchet, we cut a little of the underbelly out so that he doesn’t piddle all over his nice sweater, being a boy and all that.

Evee is the colorful one, but Ratchet looks quite dapper and handsome in his nice neutral blues and gray. Funny thing, before we let them out the next morning, I stopped them at the kitchen counter and said “Lets put on your sweaters” and I’ll be darned if they didn’t both sit there and let me fumble on their sweaters! And out they went. And Miss Evee was out there running around, playing in the snow, with her warm sweater on!

Now, I’m not sure, but I think they kind of like them. I suppose that it does help trap some of their body heat and keep them warmer. But then, it could also be that they just like playing along with us! haha… Needless to say, we have two warm and spiffy looking hunds for a measily $4 investment and a little scissor work!!

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