Hauling Water…

Maggie and I went and got water for the homestead today.

And as I was filling up a gallon jug at the artesian spring, it just sort of hit me.  I was starting to think that my hands were a little chilly, because I had forgotten my gloves.  And I was thinking, this isn’t as fun as it was last week, in fact, it’s getting a little old.  And I was thinking how we just did this on Friday, at Miss Julia’s house, which was 4 days ago.

Four days ago.

And just about the moment I was going to start feeling sorry for our situation, this image of little children, lugging big heavy bottles and buckets of water came into my mind.  Young kids, even little teeny kids, all doing their part to lug water to their family home.

And I just snapped out of it.  I mean, we have a car and lots of jugs and we can haul nearly 30 gallons back for our use and the livestock.  30 gallons.  It’s pretty easy too.  We even stopped and got a dozen donuts at the party stop and listened to music and all that.  We only have to go every couple days.  We even got to shower over at the neighbors so we didn’t have to use a bucket of warm water and washcloths.  And we have electric and internet and fancy computers and a home we bought with no mortgage.  Fancy pet livestock, chickens that feed us, family and friends that love and support us in our times of need…  hospitals and banks and law and order!

My gosh.  I’m never going to complain or even begin to think to complain about getting free, clean, beautiful water for free.

Even if we have to haul it home a few miles.

Take a few minutes and consider the blessings all around you.


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Hauling Water… — 3 Comments

  1. I’m so impressed that you thought of that. When you said you go down the street to get water, I was reminded of an expose I saw once where these women in Africa were walking ten miles a day for fresh water. I meant to bring it up but I was already so verbose then, in my usual fashion, I saw something shiney and forgot. Leave it to you to consider that without being told. We are so fortunate in this country because we don’t really know how rough roughing it can get.

  2. You have a great attitude! I love reading your blog, It always brings a smile to my face.
    I’m praying y’all will get water, soon.