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I know you all want to know LOTS of details about the new pony…. but the truth is, I really don’t know yet!!!  All I do know is that I believe he is a he…  that is what the family says he is, but I didn’t formally ask…   and that he has been pretty much a pasture pet for the last five years!  So they are telling me that he might be a little rough around the edges when it comes to loading and grooming and all that.   They said he used to drive, and that their kids would ride him bareback all over the place, but that he was skittish about a saddle.  He’s a black and white pinto and doesn’t look huge, but then, it’s hard to tell in the picture really.

My good buddy Bill and I are going on Sunday morning to fetch him.  He’s up in a little town in Michigan, so we need to go and retrieve him.  Bill is my go to guy for all things equine.  He won’t got a auction pony in the back of a Ford Pinto Hatchback!!!  He’s my hero when it comes to horsey things!  And he’s a farrier and a life long horseman and he picks a mean mandolin!!!  He said he can get the dude in the trailer and I believe him.  Haha…

I’m totally aware of the fact that it might be months before this pony is ready for any sort of “work” here at the farm and I’m fine with that.  He’s months ahead of my in brain schedule of when I wanted a pony, anyway!   He can rest and get his noodle around the routines here at the farm and just BE…  as long as he needs.  I definitely will want to get him evaluated by Bill and a little schedule of training for him, some goals and such to reach.  It’s surely going to be the topic of discussion for the ride up and back!!!    He said he would give him a good going over and touch up his feet if they need it and we’ll start from there!  It’s awesome to have good knowledgeable friends when you rush headlong into unknown territory!

I worked a summer at a horse riding stable as a kid and I have been horse crazy since I was 5 at least.  I have read everything and watched horse movies and just have SOOOOOO wanted a equine in my life.  It’s a lifelong dream for sure.  And it’s finally here and I can’t believe it! Today is going to be pony prep day…  I believe I’m going to convert what we call our pig barn into the new sheep/goat and pony shelter!!!  The sheep shack is just too small for all of them.  And the goats seem to think it’s their new hideout… no ewes allowed!  They stand in the doorway, shoulder to shoulder and don’t let no girls in.  Haha…  so….   the pig barn is big, 20 x 20 in space and opens out into the middle yard pasture and in the back could be opened out to the back pasture with a little fencing work.  Right now, I will have them all just open out to the middle yard.  That will be fine.  Got to work up a good kludge for the big back doors, because they don’t QUITE meet and close tight enough…   I believe I am going to drill a hole in each and chain them shut, with a latch so we can easily open them from the outside.   And then build a straw wall on that side to discourage anyone from trying to get through.  And then I have to block off the entrance into the poultry barn, on the other side.  I have a couple hog panels that should work like a charm.  We’ll get it safe and secure.

Been reading a LOT the last couple days on pony care, feeding and such and it seems like they are the very easiest of equines to care for successfully.  That is great!   What would starve a horse will keep a pony fat and sassy!  They seem to thrive in very poor conditions.  Bill says it won’t seem like much more at all, to feed a pony.  Good grass hay, pasture and a wee bit of grain as the temperatures drop.  And he says, depending on the weight and size of the pony, it will probably be like a cup of grain a day, no more!  He says ponies can easily overeat and get thick fast… haha… just like me!   I guess the pony and I will have to watch it to keep our girly figures!

I imagine at first some of our training goals are just going to be getting used to us, and me, getting the routines down…  walking comfortably on a lead,  grooming, that sort of thing.  And frankly, that sounds like FUN!  If can get all that comfortably down by the end of the year, I think that will be a great success.  I’m in no hurry with him.  Slow and easy will be the whole mantra.

Well, that is the story and now you know just about as much as I do!  Of course, I will take pictures of the whole adventure tomorrow…  so I will appreciate everyone’s good positive pony visions for tomorrow, that it all goes good and that the little dude is happy to come here and get spoiled and loved on and have hoofie friends!  I just can’t wait!!!!

PS… I’m not sure how big he is, they weren’t sure either.   But looking at this picture and knowing that most cement blocks are about 6 inches tall… I’m thinking he’s about 30-36 inches at the shoulder.  Not huge, but not super small either???   I just have NO clue!!!  haha…  oh well, more fun for tomorrow!!!!   Can’t wait!

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Pony News… — 3 Comments

  1. He looks to me like he might be a mini horse instead of a shetland pony. His neck also liiks very thick to me like he maybe is still a stud pony. I’d have him cut for sure if that is the case ohe could be a little on the ornery side to get along with and keep inside the fences. Hopefully he will be a great little friend to the farm. Congrats and good luck, he is pretty whatever he is. He will gentle right down, they are very smart and loving creatures. They can easily get to be almost pest like if you feed them treats often. They will begion to search your pockets for them and they learn to nip people and kids very easily also. They seem to learn the nip defense quicker than any horse I have ever worked with and kids pestering them will bring it on faster than lightening. I am looking forward to hearing more about this guy and what his name is and such and all the fun you will have caring for him. Take care, Chanda

    • Hi! Thanks for all the advice! I’m sure we’ll know a WHOLE lot more tomorrow! That picture is not the best, it was all they had. I think that the thick part is his mane flopped over, but it’s so hard to tell. I hope he’s not a stud pony! haha…. but who knows! I just can’t wait! Been working on the new pony barn all day now… trying to get everything ready for him. (it, her, him??? hahaha) just came in for a bit of lunch… I know it’s going to be a big learning adventure, but I’m ready!!!! I’ll have much more to report tomorrow afternoon for sure!!!


  2. I know nothing about ponies and/or mini-horses but I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear how he settles in at your place. Best of luck for the trip tomorrow, hope everything goes smoothly.