I’m getting a pony!!!!!  Free!!!!   Because we are a good home!!!!!   OMG!!!!!  I can’t hardly breath I’m so excited!  I’ve wanted a pony for 40+ years!!!

That is a long time to wait.


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the banjo player for Deepwater Bluegrass, and the editor of BuckeyeBluegrass.com as well as the main graphic designer of the Westvon Publishing empire. She is a renaissance woman of many talents and has two lovely daughters and a rehab mobile home homestead to raise.


OH MY GOSH….. — 3 Comments

  1. Yay!

    How exciting. Of course, You’re a good home.
    So the sign said “FREE TO GOOD HOME.”

    That means you girls! Did you think you weren’t? You’re such a great inspiration, really.

    …and you make me chuckle, Pat

  2. Hey, you know we’re all nosy and need WAY more details than that! Male, female? Name? When do you get it?

    And CONGRATS!!!!!

  3. Great news on the pony! We have horses but I keep threatening to get a mini or two because I think they are the cutest things. LOL

    Question: are you far from Albion, IN? I saw your post about the picket fencing and we just happened to take ours down a few weeks ago and gave it away (wish I knew you were looking for some) but the people who took it, didn’t want to bother with the posts so we still have them. We have them pulled and ready to go and you are more than welcome to have them. Otherwise, we are just going to toss them on the burn pile. You can email me at knkengle at yahoo dot com