Frank Weaver Sings….


Our First Client with Glass City Music!

Introducing Frank Weaver…  the Songs of Frank  –  Friday May 8th, 2009

As you might know…  I am a part owner of the Glass City Opry, a live monthly bluegrass concert series in Maumee, Ohio.  It’s doing pretty well, we’re heading into our third year.   We’ve learned a lot about running a monthly show and now we have had the privilege of helping out our first client with our new music production support company that we formed…   Glass City Music.

Frank was referred to us by the manager of the theatre..  Ty knew that this was a great concert, and that Frank had never done such a large production and needed a little guidance and someone to help him make it a success.  And he put us together and we’re so glad he did.   It’s been such a pleasure to work with Frank, and see him through the whole adventure from flyers, poster and tickets up through promotion and press releases and now, culminating in the final show, which went off beautifully!

Jeff, my partner in the Opry, and I arrived early with the show programs and they were working on sound check. We got to sit in on the behind the scenes workings of the show, since we were helping out, and since, we run a successful show there, everyone knows us. It was odd to not have a dozen tasks to do… we actually got to just sit in the front row and watch everyone getting things finalized and work out the nervousness of opening night.

I liked how Frank gave the audience a little “history” about Frank during the performance… very nice. We’ve talked about doing a bluegrass history show… Jeff came up with the idea and I love it… it would be fun.. when we get a little free time, maybe we’ll expand on that a little more…

Frank did such a nice job… and Eric Dickey and his orchestra really helped to polish up the whole show! What would old blue eyes be without his awesome “cats” backing him up? They had a nice crowd, we’re estimating it about 150 or so. He got a standing ovation at the end… and we know by all the hugging and happy chatting folks, it was very well received! We’re so happy to have been involved in the process.

Glass City Music is a newly formed group… primarily we formed it to promote Jeff and I’s songwriting and music. We have been writing songs and they have been fairly well received and it’s just a hoot. However, like with this Frank Sinatra concert… and helping out others in the area, we began to see the need to wrap everything up nicely. And the idea of Glass City Music was born.

What we envision is a sort of clearing house, resource, publishing, and production company for the music of Toledo. Yes, primarily we’re focusing on bluegrass and Americana music, but well, now we’ve got a Frank Sinatra and Big Band concert in our portfolio! We both love all types of music and performance and have cut our eye teeth on the Opry and it’s many shows now. And playing in a band, and songwriting and of course all the music/band/show support that I do with the graphic arts and web design… it’s a no brainer. We also know all of the musicians and bands in the region and can help to connect gigs with bands. We can help recording studios with session musicians as well as promotion and graphic design for their projects. We’re working on this new company very passively, since primarily it’s for our own work and our own venue, the Glass City Opry… however, it feels great to help promote all live music in Toledo!

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  1. Frank did a wonderful job – bringing back many memories of times gone by. Look forward to another concert down the road.